Thursday, 12 February 2009


i have returned from a week away where i have said goodbye to my grandad, spent time with family, and have filled up on hugs from my mum x

the funeral was heartbreakingly sad and i will not speak about it here as i would like folk, including my precious family, to read of happy times here in the Highlands :)

so onwards we must go......

this is the sight i was greeted with when i returned - more snow than i have ever seen in my lifetime, and after speaking to local friends who have lived here for many, many years it is the worst they have ever seen!

it is so, so bright - almost blinding - and when the sun is shining it makes the sea a deep blue that is simply beautiful.
the sheep are not keen and have decided that they will walk only on the path that they have created - all in a line, each one nudging the one ahead in order to keep the sheep train moving.....
the ponies spend most of the day inside their shelter nibbling on hay and looking out with sad soulful eyes at the field they once enjoyed running around....
the dogs LOVE it for a short time, chasing each other around albeit at a slower pace as the snow reaches the shorter dogs bellies - especially mabel x
walking has become little and often and very much enjoyed by the hounds - of course Mcdog hardly notices as his legs are so long!

i know i promised not to post pictures of the dogs for awhile and to feature other things, but the boys previous owners have been waiting for an update, as has Mabel and Pax's breeder....

hope that these pictures make you feel happy Lynne and Peter - your boys are fine xxx

back soon
t x


mollycupcakes said...

Welcome back my beautiful friend, wow what a wonderful home coming sight to meet you.
It is just breath taking, no wonder the dogs are loving it lol
Oh my goodness talkingof snow I've just looked up at the sky light and it's covered in the stuff, have you sent some down here?
Time to move on now and remember all those wonderful times you've had. And all the new fabulous things you'll do in the future to make your Grandad even more proud of you. He'll be with you, as will you're Grandmother, they never leave us. I believe my Nanna helps me through the ruff times because they always come good in the end.
Sending you big hugs and lots of love.
Catherine xxx

Nin said...

Glad to hear that things went well, and WOW what a sight to return home to!!! Sea House looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Have fun in the snow... I miss not having winter weather, so throw a snowball for me.

Right, off to find some sunscreen before heading out to buy the special kitties some special ham for being so special and nice.

(PS I'm sure I'm not in the minority by speaking out and saying that I like the puppers posts...)

Kitty said...

Welcome home! Wow, the house is looking really lovely amidst all that snow - like a private little chalet. The scenery is stunning.

Take care of yourself. x

weebug said...

I am so glad you had the time away with your family. Your little spot in the highlands is so beautiful. Welcome home.

xo.sorcha.ox said...

Wow, so white! Having never seen snow myself your pictures are such a treat. It looks magical!
And I love your puppy pictures. :)

Jane said...

What a beautiful view to come home too, and your house looks stunning. Its lovely to see photos of all your animals in the snow but especially the dogs. Jane x

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home. The place looks gorgeous. Can you contact me as l am looking for info on whippets and know you are the gal to ask.
Karon x

tam said...

Welcome home and to blogland again!
I am so sorry to hear about your dear Grand Dad! Now you have an angel to watch over you!
I always enjoy reading your post and hearing all about your animals! You house looks beautiful-what a view you have-lucky girl!
Have a wonderful weekend~Smiles~Tam!

April said...

glad to have you back safely with us. Your photos are breathtakingly stunning

April xx

April said...

Hi, i've given you an award, please check it out

April xx

Fran├žoise said...

How gorgeous Sea House looks! Do wear sunglasses when it is this bright. Snow *can* blind which is why mountain climbers wear dark goggles.
Maybe Mabel needs to hitch a ride on Ghillie's back ;-)

jules said...

great to have you back, and what a sight all that snow makes you place look even prettier. happy thoughts and memories keep us all going. chin up my friend in the north

love jules xx

suzanne said...

It is breathtakingly gorgeous!

The Devil Makes Work said...

Wow Trac. Hope that you are OK and that you are not hurting too much. Your house is absolutely amazing. As for the granny squares, well I have just learnt to crochet and am also going mad on a granny square frenzy!!!

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

If you are back this way again, we shall have to meet up.

Love Woo.