Saturday, 14 February 2009

snowy crochet.....

the snow continues to blanket our land so all work outside has stopped.

which means that there is more time for a spot of crochet..... my granny squares are coming along nicely, such a pleasure to make, and in the most beautiful organic yarn.

the hope is that i will not tire of this project before completing a large enough blanket to go over the back of the sofa in the sitting room.
i am doubtful as one of the goodies i brought back from my trip was a bag of gorgeous yarn ready for sock making........
we shall see but it is always hard to resist a new project.

the sheep train is still in motion - the gentle back and forth trip made by the girls and rodders has left a truly sweet track in the snow...

nobody steps off the track and they just amble from A to B.....

the hounds continue to enjoy the snow but perhaps the least enthusiastic is Pax - he is always the first sitting at the door x
this is one of the hounds favourite spots which they all gather around - we think that some small furry creature must be nesting in the hay bale
all others are in full hunt mode but Pax is looking to see if either of us are heading indoors!

life is returning to normal
i am slotting back in to Highland life after my brief spell of town luxury
it feels good

t x


trashalou said...

Welcome back:-)

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

What a gorgeous view you have!!! And that sheep trail is hilarious!

M ^..^

acrossthepond said...

The sheep trail is SO funny!

Pipany said...

It's good to have you back Tracy. The snow does look lovely, but is a distant memory in Cornwall. I am knitting socks and they are so gorgeous that I now want a whole wardrobes full of them! xx

mollycupcakes said...

LOL all aboard the sheep train! can anyone jump on? lol
I bet it's the funiest sight, do they go very slow on tip toe.
Pax is a real cutie isn't he, bless him waiting to come back in out of the snow. He knows where the warmth is.
Loving your granny sqaures and oh the sound of knitted socks sounds just devine, if you want to sell a pair when completed, I'll buy some. They'll be great inside my wellies and snuggled up on the sofa in them.
Good to have you back in blogland.
When you get the time honey I@ll still be interested in the Vintage tea stuff you've got.
Just drop me a line when you're ready sweet friend.
The cupcakes will be posting the dog treats this week, so hope they enjoy them yum yum!
Speak soon, lots of love,
Catherine x

suzanne said...

Really like the colours you have chosen for your blanket. A project like that can be added to as and when you have time - I say go for the socks!!

Maxine Hornby said...

What an amazing place you live in...very envious of your life and love your blog :O)

Bovey Belle said...

Your lovely granny squares have made me want to blow the dust off my crochet throw which got abandoned in the run-up to Christmas.