Saturday, 29 November 2008

sheep update and admitting defeat....

i spent yesterday in a state of despair - the foot was obviously still causing my girl a lot of discomfort and she was not up and grazing - sheep spend most of their day grazing so things were not looking good :(
i gradually made a trench in the ground where i kept walking back and forth from trailer to sheep field - she was on my mind a lot.
i spoke to everyone i could about the woes of my sheep - i no doubt became the village bore as they all, in turn raised their eyebrows - "sheep hobble - its what they do"

*****i just will not accept this*****

it may be that most sheep probably do hobble, but i will not sit all cosy whilst one of my sheep is in pain
after grabbing Stephen and having an hysterical moment (he also raised his eyebrows - don't think i couldn't see you through my moment of madness)
i finally calmed down and agreed that i would not drag our vet out and thus creating another enormous bill - i would instead wait until this morning.......

i have never got out of bed so quick - pulled on my trusty wellies over my p.j's and hot footed it out the door only to find Stephen already down there (how did he sneak out?)
so much for me over worrying and him putting on a brave face :)

the news is good ish - the hobble is less but is still there
i have agreed to wait until Monday whereupon we will set up a hurdle system so she can be caught and i can cuddle and kiss her and dose her up with some remedies.
at least the sun is shining today x

Rodders remains very cool about the ladies arrival - refusing to hop and skip just yet!
thanks to this lady we are contemplating changing his name to Barry White :)
god - i hope he is up for the job when the girls do arrive - these are lambs that we do not need, that are not part of our Rare Breed breeding programme, but they will still be loved and kept and never sent for slaughter.
i am also hoping that the crossing of these two breeds will create a lovely fleece for spinning.

away from the animal adventures i have finally admitted defeat on the website front - my site will not be back up this year - i want it to be done correctly and not thrown together in the fashion that it currently sits in.
in the meantime i am going to open another blog where all the lovely ladies that have asked, can go browse and maybe be tempted to purchase a little something - the new shoplet is over here....


i will keep loading items as i unpack goodies and photograph them x

well thats me for today - i must hot foot it outside to release the ponies in to the garden, muck out the stable, check my hobbling sheep and have a chat with Rodders.

we are also moving our bed in to Sea House today - don't get too excited - it is still in a very unfinished state but it is so much warmer in there than the trailer - ice on the inside this morning :)

t x


Pondside said...

Hello - I'm here from Purplecoo, where I saw your name on the list of bloggers. I don't know how I missed you before. Your posts are full of such lovely photos - and I popped over to have a look at Sea House - gorgeous!
I'll be back again.

trasha said...

How exciting! Imagine waking up with ice only on the outside! Oh the pure luxury ;-)

jules said...

wow what a day you are having, your animals are certainly keeping you on you toes. As for the ice I know what you mean we have had two very cold mornings on the trot and I'm thinking why can't I win the lottery and run round the house and switch all the heaters on, then I remembered I don't do the lottery, note to me start buying a ticket its too bloody cold to do another winter only heating one room. well I'm just off to the local christmas market but not before I look at the goodies you have listed. stay warm
love jules x

Kitty said...

Awww, poor hobbly sheep. Does she have a name? Hobbly Hilda? Hobbly Hermiona? Hobbly Hannah? I hope she gets lets hobbly very soon.


Katie twinkles said...

Hey wise sheep-woman,

Why do you always put an lower case i? Please Wise Lady use a big one, it's much more becoming of you I feel :-)))

Ziakoko said...

wow what a day! hope mrs hobble is feeling better by now

Libby said...

So a part move in to your new home, how lovely, creeps closer everyday!!
Sorry to hear your sheep woes, hope they are all good soon!

April said...

Hi, there's an award for you on my blog

April xx

Pipany said...

Well, how was the first night in your home Tracy? So exciting for you. Sorry to hear about the animal problems, poor souls. Hope all is improving now and look forward to hearing an update, as well as meeting those elves! xx

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I've been following your blog for some time. Beautiful pictures, precious animals and lovely house. Hope sheep are better and that you are a bit warmer.

mollycupcakes said...

Brrr! chill up there sweetie, ice on the insides not good, hope it's all toastie inside the new house. Plenty of blankets and eiderdowns and a little help from the girls, I'm sure your all be cosy.
Sending your hobbling sheep a big hug from the cupcakes, i told them all about it and they said awww poor sheeps Mummy.
Now I'm hot footing it over to your new sale blog for a look around.
Many hugs,
Catherine x