Monday, 1 December 2008

Vintage lovelies and a lovely Vintage cat

firstly to start the week - thank you for all your good wishes sent to my sheep... i am pleased to report that she has made an almost complete recovery, whilst i am still a quivering wreck.
having animals ages you - i guess it is the same, if not worse, with kids.

seemingly the animals that i throw love, affection and pot loads of money at like to see me frazzled looking (mad unbrushed hair, eyes out on stalks supported by huge bags and the one p.j leg in the welly whilst the other drags in the mud - look)

for the last four days my beautiful Vintage cat has been under the weather - she is ancient, thin and grumpy most of the day especially when she wants a snack, which is most of the day....
but at other times (about three minutes out of 24 hours!) she is my darling, purring sweet puss cat, and to see her unhappy is heartbreaking.
i put it down to living in this blooming trailer - cold and old bones do not go together well - unlike peanut butter and potato crisps in a pitta bread - my new favourite :)
we have been placing a hottie or two near her whilst she sleeps, tossing a coin to see who gets the job of creeping up to her and slowly, oh so slowly, placing the warmth close to her whilst fearing that you may lose the use of your hand......
it is worth it as she does seem a little perkier today - fingers crossed x

i also need to thank you for placing orders over in my little shoplet - the money made will be thrown directly at the animals - natural worming products are really, really expensive especially when you are a big fat pony (no names mentioned)
i will sort out the paypal invoices in the morning for you all x
big fat Dillon pony thanks you!!!!

the other part of my post title promises Vintage lovelies and here they are...

these sweeter than sweet little glasses are possibly my most favourite Vintage purchase

how perfect are they?????
all snuggled in a pretty blue box.... i can never imagine actually letting anyone else use them - but a little Christmas Bailey's for me - lovely x

another find is this plate for the pricely sum of £1.50 - the picture is rubbish but if you look closely they are little green stars
i see a pile of mince pies on this darling - perhaps sitting next to my glass of Bailey's?

i will leave you today with a few goodies that will be popped over in the shoplet soon - remember to look right down to the bottom of the page as i have the bad habit of cutting and pasting pictures.... things could turn up anywhere.

Nordic Christmas stockings

Dotty tea set

also coming soon..... Babushka tins, red and white spotty kitchen treats and many more lovely things x

t x


weebug said...

I don't know which is lovelier, the kitty or the glasses...i think the kitty wins.

tam said...

I always so look forward to reading your post-very fun! Love the glasses-great find! And being such a big animal lover myself I really enjoy hearing about all of your animals!
~Tam :D

jules said...

glad all is well with the animals for now, apart from the odd cat scratch of course. Have you researched for your worming stuff online you never know there may be a wholesale place where you could cut out the middle man. keep warm

chilly jules in france xx

Kitty said...

So pleased the sheep is better.

I used to do the hot water bottle thing for our old cat too - she used to smile at me as she lay on it, bless her.


Katy said...

oh poor skinny old girl!

Willow said...

Great to hear your sheep is better ... and your cat is such a lovely old girl .. and feisty with it by the sound of things! Yes, I can empathise ... I've had many sleepless nights worrying about my animals over the years - and in this weather, I'd bring them all into the kitchen if I could!!
Willow x

Elizabeth said...

Babushka tins sound very tempting. Hope your vintage kitty soons feels better - animals are such a worry, but so worth it.

asti said...

Oh, lovely kitty (even if she has attitude!)Just catching up with all your news..hope sheepy is better now...these animals,eh? I've had a couple of unavoidable trips to the vet lately too (the cats not me !)
asti :)

Sophie said...

Oh little kitty looks very snug and cosy. My cat is a bit old and crochety too, but hotties is a great idea - I'm sure she really appreciates your efforts in her own special little way! Also, LOVE the spotty tea set!

prettyshabby said...

I'm glad the sheep is ok, we have an old crotchety,boney cat too shes a he\at seeking missile, balancing on top of radiators or sleeping so near the fire I spend all my time worrying she's going to catch on fire.Last year I cut an arm of an old sweatshirt and made some leg holes for her she liked it and was all warm and cosy and happy..until she had to walk and she just froze on the spot until the offending 'catsuit' was removed.Yes hot water bottles are a much better idea.
I'm going off to see your latest goodies now..and whine that I want some. x

carolyn said...

Those glasses are just adorable.

mollycupcakes said...

I hope Bracken is feeling batter today and warmer after her hot botties.
Bless give her a toastie hug form all of us. Hang in there old girl, you'll be in the lovely new house soon.
Gorgeous glasses and other vintage loveliness.
I must buy some of your toadstall pegs honey, can you pop me a invoice or just take it off what you own me.
Keep warm sweet lady, thinking of you lots up there in snowie Scotland.
Catherine x

Libby said...

Aww, your vintage puss cat is gorgeous reminds me of my mums old tortie! They can be a bit tetchy though!

Deb said...

Hi Tracy
Happy to read that your sheep is on the mend! And your lovely old vintage cat :-) I hope she is feeling better. She is lovely!

Clare said...

Hope your lovely cat is well on the mend. We have a 'vintage' gentleman-cat and he sometimes has an off day - could be the cold weather getting to them!

I love those glasses - I have a little collection of those!

Clare x

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Tracy, glad to hear the sheep are on the mend. Poor vintage cat, hope she continues to get better too, they really are miserable when they;re cold (so am I!). I love your glasses, almost too pretty to use (almost), Take care

Sweetina said...

Hi Tracy!
Your blog and lifestyle is an inspiration! I have awarded you
The Kreative Blogger Award and added a little promo on my blog for you.
You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

This post really did have me laughing. Glad to hear things are better with your sheep. I do understand, very well. However I was disappointed not to see a pic of you in your pajamas with one leg in welly and the other dragging in mud!

Nin said...

I hope the puss-cat is feeling better. British winters always get to your bones, if must be even worse if you're so small. If it might be arthritis she's having, Barnaby went on some meds at the beginning of the year and within a week he was reborn. We noticed last Christmas that he was getting a bit creaky and sore, but now he's like a spring chicken! I get to see him again in just over a week and I can't wait, squeeee!