Sunday, 16 March 2008

wonderful weather x

i am not sure why we are having such lovely weather when seemingly the rest of the country is wet, wet, wet - but we are.

on Saturday we took the troop out for the day to one of the most beautiful walks we have ever been on
(take a good look mummy - we will take you soon x)

it starts by taking you under such a pretty bridge alongside the stream

you then walk up into the forest
higher and higher

until you reach the waterfall.....
breathtakingly beautiful

the dogs ran free with us drifting along behind
we saw nobody else - the walk was just ours

the dogs stopped for drinks in the stream along the way - it was so clean and pure

we then went on to the beach to have lunch and for the dogs to run like mad things in the sand!

on the drive home Stephen and i both said how we felt like we were still on holiday, despite having lived here for six months.
i am sure we will lose this feeling, but with the scenery outside our door........

we are so very lucky.

on the house front next week - foundations - a new system that does not damage the earth at all - it will allow us to live in our house gently x
in hundreds of years when the house has gone there will be nothing left behind to say that there was ever a dwelling.
no huge lumps of horrid concrete!

on the blog front - a change of banner
and a removal of my picture....... apparently it scared my Nephew!!!!

my darling Jordan - Auntie Tracy is very sorry that she scared you with the picture of her eye!
how about you come and stay on our farm in your Summer holidays??
i will need lots of help with the animals and help to start a vegetable garden.
you can collect eggs, brush the donkeys, feed the sheep and walk the dogs on the beach.
you can choose which bedroom you would like - sea view or overlooking the animals?

oh - and bring your wellies!

t x


Kitty said...

My goodness me ... those have to be the most beautiful photos yet. Simply stunning. No wonder you feel as though you are on holiday, and I bet the dogs can't believe their luck either!

My daughter is oohing and aahing over your chick banner.


Vicki said...

Jordan, If you are busy with your friends, I will be happy to go in your place. I will even bring my own dog. Vicki (

Vintage to Victorian said...

Fabulous Tracy. I'm sure you can't believe it's home -I know it took us well over 6 months to realise we were actually living in the West Country rather than still visiting! And sometimes, even though we're 20 years down the road, it can still feel like being on holiday!

Love your new banner.

Sue x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What breathtaking photos! You really are living a dream, even though I know it's hard work... but to have the company of those dear pups... wow! Such a happy family!

jules said...

lovely pictures, I always feel that way when I going walking near our village, trouble is sometimes we are so busy we tend to drive straight through it off on another mission and take it all for granted. Your pictures remind me that we shouldn't take it for granted at all.


glad to hear the house is coming on

Rubyred said...

What a gorgeous walk!Love the new banner too!

driftwood said...

what gorgeous photos - lucky you!

Primrose Hill said...

We still feel like we're on holiday sometimes and that's almost three years!
Hasn't the weather been fab? I feel as if I've come out of hibernation now!

Looked like a lovely walk.

L x

Pipany said...

Huray, the sun has finally reached Cornwall today too! Lovely pics Tracy; so lovely to hear your pleasure in the life you are carving for yourselves xx

mollycupcakes said...

Can you packet some of that beautiful sunny weather and fresh air and send a little to me ? We're just having grey skies and drizzle and 2 sickie girls, (moan, moan, moan!)
We could do with a bit of cheer, even with the Easter bunting up it feels like winter. :(
Come on Spring where are you?

I love the easter chick photo, very sweet.
Did you get the little thank you from Molly and the pegs?
Other items in the post today, so let me know hun. x


Catherine x

April said...

Breathtaking photos - I'm so jealous. I love the new banner too!

April xx

Ragged Roses said...

Love the new banner Tracy. And it's lovely to hear that you still feel like you're on holiday. Beautiful photos and scenery

Deb said...

What a gorgeous spot you have to walk with the dogs. Lovely photos Tracy.

Barbara said...

What a beautiful walk. We've had a good couple of days here in SW Scotland too, esp today which was sunny and quite warmish.

I can hardly believe we've been here ten years this year. Sometimes it still feels like we're on holiday.

Alison Boon said...

Love the chick banner, very spring like. It's really odd to see yuo all talking about Spring and the signs and symbols associated with it, when for me we are in the throes of Autumn

Twice said...

I came on over to have a look at your blog and what do I discover - another DEERHOUND LOVER! I am going to put a photo of my delicious Flint on my blog for you to admire. Once you have belonged to a deerhound there's no going back. The photo is from a walk with his friend Ruby at Tentsmuir beach in Fife. How lucky are we to live in this beautiful country?


Livet i träsket said...

Nice!Have a lovely weekend!