Tuesday, 18 March 2008

meet the parents

today i have put two loads of washing out on the line and they have dried beautifully.....
now i see snow out of the window - just a flurry in the wind - but real snowflakes never the less.
what is with the weather?

meet the parents of our soon to be new addition x

mummy Spry
daddy Kane

just look at our girl with her daddy *sigh*

from the side you can tell he is Bean's brother

here is a picture of the whole litter

how cute are they?

apparently our puppers likes her food.....

and has NO table manners

i agree with new puppers
if you lay on your food then no other blighter is going to eat it!

needs must.

more news soon
the house build may be facing yet another delay (i can hardly stomach to type it)
new hand made goodness
and a new drastic hair cut is about to happen......

t x


Libbys Blog said...

Oh my goodness another delay, how annoying. Love the puppy by the way!!!

April said...

they are absolutely beautiful!

April xx

Katie twinkles said...

Who is getting the haircut-you or Puppers??!!!
I love the picture of them all around the feeding bowl-very stylish.
Is it the snowflakes stopping the house building?? Still it's awfully exciting anyway!!! what a project xx

weebug said...

i so love your new addition! sorry about the house delay, those always stink.

Anonymous said...

Please don't 'self hair', because of house stress - its not worth it...I am 6 months on from a mum at the school gates bob and the trauma was terrible.

Puppies smell nice..maybe that's just me...I'm also partial to sniffing ferrets.

GigiBird's Neighbour. x

Kitty said...

Awww, cute puppies. I'm loving your pupper's method of keeping her portion to herself though ... maybe I should try that?

Hope all goes well with the house (and the hair!) x

trashalou said...

ooo! Have you found the pinking shears again?

Lexi said...

They are so adorable!!

I also wanted to say, I love your blog and all your doggy posts... I have probably 300+ blogs in my RSS feed and yours is one of my favorites. :)

Pipany said...

Little sweeties. Lying on food works for me! Looking forward to seeing the haircut xx

mollycupcakes said...

Awww they are all so gorgeous. Not long now before the one is with you.

Sorry to hear about the delay, I hope it's nothing to bad honey.
Good luck with the new haircut, can't wait to see (that's if your sharing it with us).

Enjoy the odd weather.


Catherine x

jordan said...

i love you so much and want to see you soon and i can play with the puppy mum is helping me type and said its okay to stay wih you if i want

love you
jordan xx

jaYne said...

Oh my gosh... what sweet pics.... I love those babies....

Niki said...

Cute puppies!
I am having an online silent quilt auction. the quilt is in process still, but will
be done most likely some time next week Latest. so if you are interested in bidding
or know anyone who loves to buy quilts, send them my way :) the auction is off
my blog, and i've been posting pics here and there of the progress.
if you wanna blog about it, that's cool too. either way, thanks for peekin'!

Katy said...

ohhhhhhhhhh, look at her! She's GORGEOUS!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Tracy, the pups are adorable, especially yours! Hope you have a wonderful Easter,
Lucy x

Raindrops to Rainbows said...


Cant wait to see puppers amongst your other animals.

And also hoping you will be showing us pictures of your new haircut?


Katie twinkles said...

Hi Tracy, you are excited about buiding a house and I am excited about what I've done to my Think Pink make-up bag... do visit! xxxx

acrossthepond said...

Cute little puppers. He? has grown so much since your last pictures.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a regal family they look to be! And what a busy mama - that's quite the large brood!

mot par mot said...

Hi Tracy, I enjoy your blog and, if you aren't familiar with it already, I think you in turn would enjoy this one: http://elspeththompson.wordpress.com/
You two seem to have much in common.
I am very curious to see what your new house will look like!

Katie twinkles said...

And you might like to visit the fairy doll too....

She's about to have a wild new hairdo...may be inspirational!

Nin said...

Oooh, when's the little poppet coming? I can't wait! And McDog will have a puppy chum for puppy class!