Tuesday, 25 March 2008

a little thrifting and a whole lot of snow

oh what fun we have had.....
four whole days of far too much chocolate, watching of dvd's and general laziness.

the snow has arrived on this tip of Scotland and we are enjoying every moment of it - of course it helps that it is also sunny x
we have refused to think of the house build and all the worries that brings for the whole Easter break - just good old fashioned family time in the snow.

Ghillie thinks snow is the best thing EVER
and gallops like a race horse around our already badly worn and rented(!) lawn.

he also gallops and leaps in the snow when out walking in the forest

the girls are also keen but for a much shorter time - a quick few laps of the lawn at break neck speed and then straight back to lounging in front of the wood burner.

we have started to wonder how on earth we will spot the new puppers in the snow - why, if it wasn't for that one black leg she would be invisible!

the cats of course have stayed at home and enjoyed the sunshine beaming in through the windows x

i did venture out slightly farther than the forest - on Sunday i attended a School Fair.
i turned up along with a friend and we set out our tables of goodies......
we had been told that it was a local craft fair with all table money going to the sweet local school.
never, ever again
i sold four items and as you can see from the thrifty goodness below i spent more than i earned!

it turned out to be more of an indoor car boot sale than a school craft fair - which i of course took full advantage of !
a huge amount of it was children's clothes and toys but i did find Vintage china treasures amongst it all

a beautiful cake stand
not that i need another.....

a truly beautiful dish in my most favourite green x

and you can never have enough little dishes

this glass dish is my favourite find - beautiful detailing.

however - today it is back to work for Stephen and back to work for me - i really must finish my new website - the goodies are piling up in the dining room!

t x


Deb said...

What lovely photos Tracy - you really captured the enjoyment Ghillie was having in the snow! And your sweet cat in the sunshine :-}. Your vintage china finds are fantastic.

Christina said...

Galloping Ghillie... :)
Your cat looks soo comfortable there.
I miss having a cat *sigh*
I love that glass dish too, very pretty.

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Lovely pictures, I often think of you whenever I see snow forecast for Scotland, it must feel quite different to winters down south! Shame about the poor sales at the "craft" fair but look on the bright side you wouldn't have found those lovely vintage dishes if you hadn't been there.

trashalou said...

Ghillie is a hoot!

And the bowls and stand absolutely beautiful

Kitty said...

That glass bowl is my favourite too - absolutely stunning.

Ghillie galloping is a wonderful sight. x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Looks like the dogs had fun in the snow! We didn't get enough to play in down here but it was fun watching it fall - especially when the fire was lit!

Lesley said...

So good to see Ghillie going 'cracker-dog'!!

I'm consumed with snow envy and cake-stand envy!!! I've been looking for a vintage cake-stand in the charity shops here for ages - seems all I need to do is head north :)

Although I'm sure you're disappointed not to have sold more, it was well worth it for those treasures you found!


Nin said...

OOOH! Happy, happy finds! I especially love the china. I can't wait to get back to my 'US home' as there's a lovely floral print china teaset waiting for me there. I love vintage china.

Hooray for all the lovely snow too, it was all trying to get that way in the Lake District the day that we left, and here in the south too although down here it never settles.

Not long now for the new puppers!

mollycupcakes said...

What beautiful goodies you got from the fair, just lovely.
Sorry you didn't do as well yourself better luck next time sweetie.
I'm just loving the photo of bella boo lazing in the sun,oh what a cats life! I'm coming back as one lol
Ghillie looks wonderful running around in the snow. Just like a big kid hehe!
Keep warm honey.
Catherine x

Pipany said...

Yes Tracy, I keep looking for your website; I know it was there once upon a moon but now I think i imagioned it (and it was so pretty too). Love that glass dish xx

acrossthepond said...

Such fun in the snow!

Jane said...

Mmm school fairs...
Great galloping

driftwood said...

love the snow photos, and I'm not suprised you couldn't resist the cake stand!
can't wait to see the website... you keep tantalising us with little snippets, we want to see it!!

Vintage to Victorian said...

What a fabulous time you've had with the girls and Ghillie in the snow, and what a sweetie your new puppers is. Unbelievable to think she'll soon be the same size as Tallulah and Auntie Bean.

Love the way you punctuated the golden whippy rules with such endearing photos.

Good luck with the website. Shall be keeping an eye out for the launch!

Sue x