Thursday, 27 March 2008

daddies girl x

now listen up pip squeak.......

it is almost time for you to go out in to the wide world and become a big girl x
your daddy will always love you ......

now - do you remember the golden whippy rules?

1. ALWAYS insist on sleeping on the sofa
2. ALWAYS steal any food within reach and then blame it on the nearest other dog
3. ALWAYS plead hunger - the nice lady will give in and hand over treats
4. ALWAYS shiver a little - the nice lady will let you sleep on a feather eiderdown and wrap a soft wool blanket around you
5. NEVER forget that laying on your food is the only way to feed in a crowd.

see this long leg of mine?
well - your legs will grow and grow
and your nose too......

have you practised your Ninja moves?
do not forget that your Auntie Bean is a highly trained Ninja - always stand behind her in a battle.

ahhh ..... i see you are already a pretty good Ninja!

enjoy the last few days with your brothers and sisters - most of them you will never see again :(
however - your mummy and daddy and brother and sister will be coming to stay next year for a whippy gathering :)

and you will have your Auntie Bean and a talulla and a great big hairy bed called ghillie!!

not long now...........

t x


Samantha said...

Wise advice indeed!


weebug said...

what a sweet thing she is!

Raindrops to Rainbows said...



Tracy's Mum said...

I just love how you create such
sweet, sweet story's to those cute and yes, Adorable pictures!
Alway's a proud Mum,who would really love to hug you allxxxxx
Can't wait to go on that loverly walk,can't wait to see you .Feeling a little low,just e-mailed Auntie Min in N.Z.Missing her to.
Big love to you all.

trashalou said...

That puppers has no need to worry about her aunt's ninja skills, I feel sure she will defend herself with great aplomb.

acrossthepond said...

Ahhh she is so sweet!

Nin said...

Aww, how brave the little pup is going to have to be leaving all her siblings! It's almost making me cry just thinking about it! But it's a very good thing that good ol' Auntie Bean will be there to look out for her. Yay! Excited for adoption day :)

Jane said...

Cute story, beautiful dogs. Jane x

mollycupcakes said...

She is the sweetest litle thing.
I bet your so excited now. And all the other animals too.

Great advice from Dad. A lovely post Tracy, Molly was here and I read it to her. She was full of awww's and look mummy at the little doggy lol

Have a nice weekend sweetie. Speak soon.


Catherine x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

This is such a sweet post! Your love for God's creatures is soooo obvious - I just LOVE it! What a happy home you must have! =)

Curlew Country said...

Hello Tracey, what lovely dogs! Thanks so much for my parcel, I picked it up today from work. I'm going to squirrel the candles away for the boys birthdays in August. Much nicer than anything I've seen in the shops before.
Thanks again, have a smashing weekend.

April said...

Oh - so gorgeous!

Give her a big cuddle from me

April xx

Barbara said...

What a lovely post - the pictures are so sweet. Very exciting waiting for pup.

Molly's Knitted Teddy Bears said...


Alison Boon said...

Good to see an old dog teaching the new one the tricks.

Jocerane said...

She's so cute!

Jenny said...

Such a little beauty:)

Miles Away In France said...

Absolutely adorable pictures.

Racheal x

Katy said...

daddies always have excellent advice! She is a lovely little lady, isn't she?