Monday, 31 March 2008

the good and the bad

our little tiny whippy girl arrived home on Saturday x
she is even smaller and prettier than her pictures...... we are all in love
completely in love

she has settled in to our mad house easily.

my girls x

she LOVES ghillie
ghillie has adjusted - at first he was absolutely petrified of her - i have never seen a dog walk backwards at such speed!!!

however - puppers has won the Mcdog over -and now he has joined the queue of doglets wanting to lay next to the chosen one!

she is of course so very gentle with her Uncle Mcdog.......

but she is using him to perfect her Ninja moves x

we are still contemplating names
i love Lily - but it will be too confusing for ghillie
any other ideas??

so wee white puppers is the good
and the bad?
yesterday was my best girls birthday
we lit a candle for our wonderful friend and chatted about the good times
i miss her every day

apart from puppers joining the gang, life is as normal as it gets - i feel uninspired to create, but i think this is due to lack of space to call my own.
instead i am slowly packing up this little stone cottage - ready to move on again.
the big decision at the moment is the kitchen
hand crafted in oak by a friend or clean white Ikea with all its neat storage ideas....
i know most would grab the opportunity for the bespoke - but i crave the clean white look.a decision has to be made this week..... watch this space.

t x


Anonymous said...

What a lovely little lady! I do like Lily and I don't think it's confusing at all with Ghillie - but then I'm not a dog. LOL How about Peony or Magnolia, since both come in white?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say - if you named her Magnolia, you could nickname her Maggie.

weebug said...

Looks like the new kid is settling right in!

Elizabeth said...

I know it might be a tad 'Eastenders', but what about Bianca?

Maxine said...

What cute doggies you have - all four of them!!

driftwood said...

very cute puppy!
marking Anne's birthday was a lovely thing to do, I hope it gets easier for you.

I don't envy you the kitchen decision, it's such an important room, which will be most natural in the house, will the rest of it be modern miminal ikea style, or more a handmade look?

Dragonfly said...

I have puppy envy!
Why don't you compromise on the kitchen and go for the bespoke oak, but have it made to fit all the Ikea storage bits on the inside?

Two Crofters said...

hello lovely Driftwood x
the rest of the house is very open, huge windows, white painted floor....
but i have only old painted furniture and Vintage bits and bobs.
the oak idea came from a kitchen in CL - scrubbed oak with beach pebbles for handles - lovely x
but i do love white, white, white
oh the decisions!!!

Gigibird said...

Harry sends puppy love

Barbara said...

Such a cute puppy. It only seems like yesterday that you had but two dogs! Lily's a lovely name. They'll all come running anyway won't they? Whenever I call our kitty the dog thinks (hopes) I'm calling her!

Nin said...

Ooooh, she's so special! And Ghillie looks HUGE next to the little blossom. Blossom, I actually quite like that name! Lily is also very sweet though.

I hope you're creative inspirations come flowing back, I'm in the mood for looking at pretty crafts. I need some inspiration myself at the moment, and can't seem to find fabric I like either. Boo.

françoise said...

She looks like a little lump of sugar to me.
I vote for "SUGAR' : all sweet white energy.

Anonymous said...

These puppies get cuter everytime I look at them.

Poppy Black said...

Ohhhh how gorgeous!!!! I've been anxiously checking in every day for the homecoming. Doesn't she make Ghillie look ENORMOUS! Lily is a very sweet name. Sorry to say it but Miss Dog comes to any name providing I use my doggy charming voice. So I'm guessing it shouldn't worry McDog too much. On the kitchen front - oak with lovely handles sounds divine, but only if it is practical and useful with loads of storage (I agree with Dragonfly- you could have crisp white IKEA inside the oak). Must be easy to clean too. If not, go for the white. XXX

Samantha said...

She is a sweet thing - what about Flake?

I have to say I am more on the streamline look for the kitchen. Doesn't have to be Ikea, but white and smooth lines!


mollycupcakes said...

Welcome home little pup, what a lovely life you've got to look forward too.
Life with Mummy Tracy and Daddy Stephen, Aunite Bean, Talulla, Ghillie, all the cats and not forgetting Binks the bunny. You will have endless love given and will no doubt give endless love back.
I think you look like a Daisy, just like the pretty white flower you've popped up and made everyone smile :)


Catherine x

Katie twinkles said...

I like Tinkerbell 'cause I love faeries and she looks like a faery to me, plus she is going to be quite naughty I feel....

As for the kitchen, well, longing for the clean white space is a new development for you seem to recall. A little while back you were conflicted about new/old and now a seemingly bigger piece of your heart wants the modern look/feel...
Things I would also consider-How durable is an ikea kitchen....? versus oak which has stood the test of time???
Or, could it be a lighter wood but still sturdy/durable??
that would be how I'd go about it! given the choice.
As for creativity, it comes and goes doesn't it. Creation/destruction etc.
I am still not at lectures. I have SO enjoyed my nearly three weeks off, but, this afternoon I must feign excitement at some text books....:-(
On awakening this morning I cut out a new lime gingham ironing board cover which shall feature on my blog. That's my bit of creativity for today!

Lots of love and faerie twinkles to you and your friend xx
sorry about lengthy witterings, I can't help myself sometimes.

Kitty said...

She's such a pretty puppy - and I agree with everyone else, Ghillie looks HUGE next to her.

Good luck for the packing up/move - such an upheaval, but at least once you've done it, you won't have to do it again for ages.

Take care. x

Pipany said...

Lily is gorgeous and suits her. Can see the Ikea/bespoke dilemma - what about knicking the ideas from Ikea and adapting them? xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely puppy I know is late but how about Micaela so you can call her Mica or Antonia so you can call her Toña. I am so sorry about your best girl, I my self lost my dad a few months ago also to cancer and I think that birthdays can be harsh, hope the best and that those wounds heal soon. About the kitchen you should thinks twice about the Ikea for two reasons free design and to make this world a better one. Its well known that Ikea exploits its workers in Asia and even uses child labor (just as nike, gap, bannana republic), check this link

acrossthepond said...

What a lovely family you have?

Anonymous said...

how about casper?
or is that too boyish.
anyhow she is lovely.

Anonymous said...

What adorable and sweet little dogs you have. I love the picture of your newest addition wrapped up in a blanket. Animals bring so much joy.

Chloe said...

What an absolutely gorgeous little doggie!!
I am inspired and paint pooches as well as many other things - please see my Pooches section on my website