Friday, 29 February 2008

the end of another week

what a week it has been.....
the house build starts

Ghillie is finally allowed out of our garden and in to the big wide world - first proper walk had to be at the beach x
he ran his little socks off - or should that be big socks.

the girls were clearly delighted that he was there, as they actually stayed on the beach with us rather than hot footing it over the dunes in order to cause mayhem on the adjoining golf course!

also this week i had the pleasure in taking McDog - (for that is what we call him within our four walls - he has both an indoor and an outdoor name!)
to puppy class

it did not go well!!
i was not really keen on the whole idea - talulla never attended and that was when i was actually working at the vets.
i believe pups should just get out there - run off the lead from the very first walk and meet other dogs, cats, horses, people etc etc
our dogs are not wrapped in cotton wool when it comes to the big wide world - that is not to say that i am not a panicked wreck each time they go out.....
as i am sure Philip would agree!

anyway - the puppy class
we arrived on a windy night which was the first no -no for McDog
he hates the wind
and the rain
and now it has become clear he hates socialising!

he was one of only four dogs and from the moment we stepped through the door i knew it was not going to go well
i could almost see him scan the room within seconds.....

no hounds AT ALL
worse still NO WHIPPETS!!!!
only a tiny pile of foodie treats
rubbish squeaky toys for little dogs
a metal water bowl - McDog prefers enamel or ceramic
a dog so small that he was afraid he would inhale it
a dog so ugly that McDog had to turn away

ack - the situation was bad
after he had hoovered up his treats, sniffed at the token other pups, kissed the nurse holding the party many, many times - he thought his work was done.
after all - he had greeted everyone and eaten all the food.......

little did he know
he was weighed, poked and prodded - the nurse exclaimed in a loud voice how poor McDog was lacking in the nether regions....
oh the shame
he knows, we know, our vet knows that he is a slow developer - but to inform a whole room......

this is McDog on our return from puppy class
his face quite clearly states
never again
never - ever - again

i keep reassuring him that it was just a tiny hiccup in his otherwise perfect life

i of course have yet to tell him that we have another three sessions to go......

during my mini break i received lots of lovely things that i have not as yet shown.
Etsy is slowly emptying my bank account - or is that Stephen's account?

LOVE these patches from Janet Clare
i love them so much that i have more coming - one is soooo special and i am so excited about it x

also just a few weekends before my mini break i ventured out for my first bit of thrifting since moving North - i have to say i was not disappointed.
the prices are certainly cheaper than in Kent!

this sweet pot and jug are from one of my favourite designs
cannot wait to take them to the new house and actually use them.

i found a few other treasures but i will save them for another day - i have sewing to complete for an order that must go in the post tomorrow.

back soon
t x


Mary D in Texas said...

Oh, such a sweet faced dog.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a rough first day at Kindegarten, is there? He'll show them all one day - he's going to be such a good dog, he already is, isn't he though? Don't listen to the skeptics McDog, just follow your heart sweetie pup!

jen said...

i can completely sympathize with Ghillie on the puppy class front. my husband and i took our sweet dobie to puppy class and the first time it was hell- complete hell. complete with small inhalable pup and a trainer who seemed scared of our sweet dobie- who barked with all her might, but never hurt anyone- alas it did get better. my thoughts are with you and Ghillie- good luck McDog and have fun with the girls on the beach.

mollycupcakes said...

Poor Gillie, he doesn't look a happy pup.
Naughty nurse for telling everyone, he'll not forget her in a hurry. Bite her on the bum Gillie if she speaks out of turn again lol
And then eat eveeryone elses treats for good measure hehe!

Loving the patches, jug and bowl.

Have a great weekend sweetie.
The girls send a big kiss on the nose for Gillie to cheer him up X


Catherine x

Katie twinkles said...

Ha ha! did you see Catherine Tate last night? x

Miles Away In France said...

Oh McDog is just so cute.

Racheal x

trashalou said...

Oh Ghillie McDog! What a mortifying experience for you. If I were you I would have words with Tracy and look for new puppy classes.

Tracy's Mum said...

Oh I missed Gillies first outing...
the beach looks so loverly...i have some loverly picks on my phone ,how wonderful for you all to be out together***
Happy outings my Darlings.
Love Mummy.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pipany said...

You are sounding so bright and cheery tracy; so glad the mini break did you good. Poor Ghillie - he has my sympathies! xx

Nin said...

Oh goodness! Poor McDog, how terribly embarrassing! At least he's a whole quarter of the way there already though. It must require quite an amount of doggy intellect to be able to understand two different types of accent. He probably had no idea what the Barbara Woodhouse person was on about!!

Oooh, btw, the info you were after should hopefully be all here.


Anonymous said...

I'm with mollycupcakes Ghillie, bite her bum!

Keep thinkin' of the beach McDog, keep thinkin' of the beach, this too will pass.

Jenny, Melbourne

prettyshabby said...

I agree with you Ghillie..puppy club is pants. I just peed on the floor 20 times when I went..(just the once and never again!)The beach looks way more fun!
love Red (the labrador)

Katy said...

Oh, his poor sad face says it all. Lacking in the nether regions? How dare they tell the whole world. Poor boy, I think he deserves extra treats ;)

Kitty said...

Awwww, look at his little bashful expression - bless him. Hope the 'education' improves for him. Tell him No.1 hates school too.


Nin said...

PS I'm very sorry, but I tagged you for a meme. If you want to do it, the info is *here*, but you're not at all obliged to! :D

Vintage to Victorian said...

Missesd a couple of posts (away for a day or 2) but am so glad to catch up. Delighted that the one black leg will be yours (along with the 3 white ones) and that Ghillie is looking superb (albeit mesmerised after his training class) and thrilled to see that Frank has at last arrived.

All so exciting.

Sue x