Tuesday, 4 March 2008


i do enjoy a good meme - so i was kind of pleased when this one appeared via this lovely lady and her gorgeous girls x

here goes......

Four movies i'd watch over and over
i will have to break this in to two sections - movies and box sets and just to warn you i cannot choose just four!

movies -
shop girl
shaun of the dead
50 first dates
school of rock

box sets -
grey's anatomy
boston legal
green wing
tru calling..... the list goes on!

Four places i've lived
The Highlands

Four shows i watch
mmmm - i do not really watch a great deal of television - too busy with the box sets!
but i always, always watch Big Brother.

Four places i have been
Lands End
John O' Groats
Hell and back!

Four people who email me
my mummy x
Mr Afterburn x
doggy friends
bloggy friends

Four things i love to eat
pink wafer biscuits (actually any biscuit...)
water melon

Four places I'd rather be
with my mummy x
in our new house
chatting, dog walking and eating cake with Annie
laughing with Mr Afterburn

Four things to look forward to this year
new home
new studio
more animals
sharing the above with family and friends

Four folk to tag
please do not be annoyed and please feel free not to do it!!!


back soon
t x


Pipany said...

Golly, I know what you mean about box sets - they're far better than tv because you can sit there for hours and hours and hours... xx

Kitty said...

Is it horribly shocking that I've never seen Grey's Anatomy? Can I borrow the box set please? :-D x

April said...

Hi - please send this to me as I would love to do it! xx

Nin said...

I'm horribly addicted to box sets too, I tend to binge on them at times of bad weather and jetlag. And pink wafer biscuits are quite simply the best things ever, and party rings too.

thanks for doing itt

mollycupcakes said...

Thanks honey, I'll be doing that tonight. It looks like great fun.
I loved reading all yours.
The pink bisuits are a big fav in this house lol packs of them.

Thank you for very much for Molly gorgeous pink bag she loves it and has taken it out with her today to baby bounce.
The chocolates went down a treat too hehe! Big smiles all round.
You are a lovely lady x x x
And best friend.

Catherine x

Katie twinkles said...

My two favourites for the box sets are 'the Waltons' and the Hannah hauxwell series but I haven't got either of them yet.
But when I have people will come knocking as I will not have moved for so long they might think I've expired...

Vintage Amethyst said...

OOooo fab to know more about you!
Love Alison x

Tracy's Mum said...

Oooooh my Loverly Loverly Girl.
You are always on top of my
need,want,really have to get my bottom up to you....list.Dad brought me a box set of Steven Segal films for Christmas,my fave being Under Siege..Iknow not everyone's cup of tea,but they all have a feel good feelng about them.Have you ever seen "Dead Like Me" Can be funny,also sad and very good!
Hope weather is better up there
its awful here.
Big Love to you ALL.

FormerBlonde said...

just had to comment as I popped by and am sooo envious of where you live,, and also had to say Greys Anatomy is AWESOME,, I could live and breathe it if I had no other life

xx jo xx