Monday, 17 December 2007

slowing down

i have a feeling that it is all slowing down......
the shoppers are nearly all done
final orders will be dispatched over the next few days

time to take a closer look at the cottage, place a few more Christmas decorations around and start to wrap my own families gifts
perfect x

i was not sure what to expect this year, my first year without a bricks and mortar shop, and it has been a mixed bag of emotions.
i do not miss the feeling of panic to tidy the shop each evening and restock the shelves for the next day
i do not miss paying rent, rates, insurance and utilities
i do not miss being out of the house six days a week and at this time of year most of Sunday as well

but i do miss the customers
watching them enjoy the shop, taking their time to see everything, wrapping their gifts and placing them inside beautiful paper bags tied with gorgeous ribbon

but most of all i miss the feedback
as a retailer the most important part for me is knowing that i am on the right track
with a shop you know - folk will visit or they won't
you can see by their faces when they have found a perfect gift
they return time and time again and eventually become good friends

i miss them

this year i have sent out a far amount of parcels and received a little feedback, but not enough
i will be going in to next year with a little trepidation, perhaps dipping my toes for slightly longer than before when looking for new stock

but i am excited that i will be selling some fellow bloggers beautiful work - and for that i am so thankful (you know who you are xx)

right - back to the decorating, gift wrapping, cup of tea and tin of chocs

t x


Claire said...

Can't wait to see the stuff I sent you last week on the website. Have a lovely Christmas and here't to a great 2008 x

Tracy's Mum said...

Wish i could have come shopping with you,i know how much you miss Anne,but i have to say it was loverly having you phone me lots and lots,about what to buy for who!! I miss you all so much.
Already in the planning!
love you Mummyxxxxx

Kristy said...

I had a lovely experience in your shop.So sorry I never got back to you we were so ill at the time. You'll laugh though as I found my hubby scrubbing the shower with my beautiful new dish brush!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Tracy
I know just what you mean about feedback... I have had none from my customers (at NOTH) this year! Does that mean my work is **** or are they too busy??
I am very happy with my ribbons and pegs from Cupcakes.. I have pegged up my Christmas cards with them today!
Hope your week got better.. last time we spoke you were not a happy bunny!
Warm wishes

julie said...

I can imagine it must be very different to have a virtual shop now, feedback and contact is such a big part of selling anything. Maybe one day you'll be able to offer bed and breakfast shopping trips to scotland! Hope the run up to christmas is peaceful and that you have a wonderful time x

Anonymous said...
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weebug said...

what a year of changes you have been through this year. i feel so fortunate to have met you in the blogosphere!

jules said...

I,m sure everyone was delighted, maybe next year you could include a compliment/feedback form in the parcel I know its more work but just an idea, If people wern't happy I think you would have heard about it by now. Looking forward to next year being better and watching your progress with the sheep and all. Also still looking forward to meeting up in wick for a coffee in the spring. take care and Bonne Fete from me over here in -10 freezing burgundy

love jules

mollycupcakes said...

I'm with you on the face to face contact, it was great to see shoppers faces light up when they bought a new spoon or heart dec for their tree, at the Christmas fair. With the website you are a bit left to it. But it is lovely to here from customers when they do email back with thanks of their gifts. I'm sure they will be rolling in for you in the new year, when all presents and cards are opened.
I do miss your little shop, with you're lovely smily face to greet me everytime I came in, I'm so glad you have your blog.
Christmas hugs.
Catherine x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Tracy, good to have some time for yourself now, I expect. Yes, I imagine it's a whole different experience running a webshop as opposed to a physical shop. I guess a lot of customers don't even think about giving feedback, which must be frustrating for you. I'm just off to have a good browse around your shop.
best wishes,

Pipany said...

Hello Tracy. What a good point you make about the feedback; I can't imagine anyone being anything other than thrilled with th gorgeous things you sell. Your blog is lovely and I am so glad I found it. Enjoy the wrapping xx

weirdbunny said...

Your mantle peice looks stunning !