Wednesday, 19 December 2007

almost done......

tomorrow is my last posting day for Christmas

parcels are packed
another little fawn is ready to face a new adventure - from her humble beginnings in the Highlands of Scotland...
to the big smoke
i wonder if i shall hear from her again.....

i am hoping that today was the last day this year that i spend wrapping orders and dragging brown parcel tape around on the bottom of my slippers!

we are all starting to take it a little slower

....... slowing down and taking it easy comes so naturally to some............

t x


A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi Tracy, just wanted to wish you a very Happy Christmas and hope you have a wonderful New Year, I'm sure it will be, it's an exciting time for you I think. Best Wishes from Annie x

Patti said...

Love the cat photo.

Take it easy from now on.

Katie twinkles said...

Well, the thing is I drove past cupcakes-that-was tonight and it has been made into an interior design shop and there is a very nice opulent looking chair in the side window sort of beckoning you to come closer but i'm not being fooled.....


the flour loft said...

Merry Christmas Wishes from the little fawn who came to live with us in Hampshire.x
Glad things are slowing down for you. Today is the first day i can stop work and concentrate on enjoyment.. no more parcel tape here either, hurrah!
warm wishes

Jane said...

Have a great Christmas Tracy - you deserve it.
I have just taken the last lot of parcels to the post - office and delivered the last wreaths - 2 more to be collected from here tomorrow and thats me.
Definately time to slow down. Tonight is a "bottle of wine in the bath and then curling up with Euan and the cats" kind of night I suspect.
With love

Pipany said...

Hurray, it's almost here!!!! Well done Tracy and enjoy the rest of the build up xx

Annie's Abode said...

Have a great Christmas Tracy and a Happy and restful New Year.

The cats look cosy - I think all the animals are fed up with this time of year - I am sure my Oska and Finn are not getting the attention they usually get. Will make up for it over the festive season though.

Take care


julia said...

How I love that fawn!
Have a very happy Christmas up there in bonny old Scotland!
Julia x

weebug said...

what a sweet photo of your kitties, they look so comfy together. i love your little fawn. i am so in awe of your creativity and the willingness to take that risk and live your dream.