Tuesday, 18 September 2007



not sure if it is a good idea or not.....

talulla whippet certainly seems unsure.....

she sat up from a deep sleep and did her - are you mad woman - look.....

once she looked at the revealed item and acted shocked and unsure

the next part really had her worried......

she said

why not just show your new boots - the type you have loved for ages and ages but have not been able to own because of being a vegetarian

the whole wearing animals on my feet is just not for me

and the joy of walking in to a supermarket and seeing a pair made entirely of non animal parts for only ten English (or Scottish) pounds.

but it was too late.

my face was out there for all to see

but the true horror of the reveal is my somewhat dodgy taste in music.....

please do not judge me......

t x


Nonnie said...

I love when people reveal pictures of themselves as it's nice to put a face to a blog. It's a lovely picture so Talulla has no need to be worrying for you. Great boots too. As for your taste in music, all I can say is I'm disappointed I'm at work right now and can't turn on the volume to listen to any of these. I will definitely log on at home for a listen. Great selection I'd say.

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Oh I love that more and more people are putting music on their blogs, I'm finding music that I forgot I liked. I've added a few of your tracks to my list, great eclectic mix!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I love the photos, and I agree with Nonnie, it's so nice to put a face to a blog! I don't know why! And hurrah- it's always comforting to find another kitchen avoider!!
p.s. some of the music on my blog is totally cringeable and cheesy....I am pretending it's meant to be ironic...

Clare said...

What a great playlist! I for one enjoyed it!

I love the boots too - how much?! As a vegetarian, I am interested in getting a pair of those!

Clare x

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

I love the boots and I'm ashamed to say that I NEVER think of the animal my footwear once was :@(,I love the shot of you,very atmospheric,
I wish I knew how to put music on my blog,then you'd laugh....."Postman Pat,Postman Pat,dum dum dum,diddle um dum duuuuum !!!!!!!!"
Hope you are still getting some nice weather up there,the nights are drawing in here and there's a nip in the air,
Best Wishes Kat xxx

Rose Vintage said...

I love the boots Tracy and like Clare would be interested in finding out where you bought them. Your playlist is great and I love seeing the music that people like...Nice to see your face at last, you look very wrapped up against the cold!

Miles Away In France said...

As a few have already said, it is nice to put a face to a blog.

You look as nice a person as I had imagined you to be.
I haven't quite worked out where the music is yet thought, so I can't comment on that, umh durr.
Racheal x

Miles Away In France said...

Hey, I found the music, really must open my eyes more often.

Great playlist, really good mixture there.
Racheal x

Katie twinkles said...

Oh I just tried to post and it all disappeared..
I said..um..where can I get soem boots just like those. Might Cupcakes direct be mailing them?
I also said I can identify with yesterdays post so much, that my abiding feeling when my friend died was that I was so lucky to have shared so much with her and that she chose ME, little old me , to be her close friend.
Love that you put Sinead's 'nothing' on your playlist-the only song I know by heart and once sang in my local pub. they wanted something cheerful tho... I like ballads the best.
Glad you got 'feel like dancing' especially in your new boots!

Lynda x the I-miss-cupcakes-society

Miles Away In France said...

I listened to The Nolans then went straight over to Youtube and watched them perform it.
Such memories.
The video is on my blog if you want to go reminisce.
Racheal x

dottie angel said...

i know we should be focusing on the boots...but forgive me, i just love the green coat...

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Tracy, I just knew you'd be beautiful because of the beautiful things you write!

And your taste in music isn't dodgy ..... just eclectic!

Isobel said...

Lovely picture! I wish I was brave enough to out my face out there as well.
If you only new my taste in music. Let's just say that it is all over the place. :)
Take care. x

Ragged Roses said...

Tracy, that's not a dodgy photo at all, it's great to see your lovely face! Tell Talulla not to worry! As another veggie, would you tell me too where those boots came from (we could all wear them, whilst dancing to Nancy Sinatra!)
Kim x

Gigibird said...

You aren't like I imagined you - I thought you were blonde for a start!

Annie's Abode said...

WELL - first of all I thought you weere blond too!

Love the boots!

I obviously have similar taste to you in music as I have a lot of those tunes - I love the scissors sisters!

Sorry to hear about your friend - glad the funeral went well (well as it could be). So Sad.


Deb said...

Great photos Tracy!
I love the playlist you've chosen.

mollycupcakes said...

Beautiful photo it just captures everything about you. Without giving to much away. ;)
Lovely to see your face again, I just remember your big smile everytime I walked into your little shop with my girls in tow. You made us feel so welcome and happy. Thank you
Cool boots and music honey.
Catherine x

the flour loft said...

Hi Tracy,
What a beautiful picture of you.. i, like dottie, love your cardigan..it looks snuggly and warm.
Great playlist .. ahh the doors and tom and cerys.. love it. Actually love most of your choices.
Music is so evocative and personal, full of memories and nostalgia, sometimes tinged with melancoly but always cathartic and beautifully self indulgent. I may have a go at putting a play list together myself, but i think my choices may really scare folk away. Enjoy yours.

julia said...

Great photo, of the boots and you! I have to get round to putting the music on mine, although I don't know whether I should subject others to my dubious tastes!

Hope you're feeling ok after such a horrible couple of weeks, it's nice to have you back,.

Julia x

carolyn said...

It's a beautiful photograph.

Sea Angels said...

Hi Tracy, at the risk of sounding soppy.......you look as beautiful outside as you seem to be inside, so I would say you seem pretty well balanced........and as for the music whats the problem !! it's great ......Lynn xx

Love Honor Disobey said...

Hey...I think you look cool!

As for those dog pics...yummy...I can just imagine myself burying my nose right into that ear. I love the smell and feel of velvety dog ears. It's that small smooth soft area between the eye and the ear that always gets me. Sniff and kiss...sniff and kiss.
hee hee
Hugs xxx