Monday, 17 September 2007

back home x

well we are back home.......

saying farewell to my friend was such a mixed up bag of emotions.
on one hand it was so wonderful to see our mutual friends all gathered together, to attend a beautiful humanist funeral where family and friends stood and told their tales and memories of a woman who, as it turns out, was a feisty minx from the moment she entered this world to the moment she left!!!

stories full of laughter and tears, the room full of photographs of Annie from when she was very young - right up until the last few months of her life.
everyone in that room saw a picture that meant something to them - a picture of their Anne.

but what astounded me more than anything was the fact that my friend made everyone she met feel special
feel that whatever was happening in their life - it was important to Anne.

i stood at my friends funeral full of pride that so many woman stood and spoke of there friendship with this amazing girl
and that is why it hurts so very much
what a waste of a life
why take a person who meant so much to so many??
life is cruel in so many ways, you only have to switch on the television to see that, but when Mr meanie knocks on your door......
it hurts like crazy.

but we are back

and with no pictures of the road trip because the road trip was completely uneventful!

it is now obvious to me that.....

a. dogs are good

b. cats are very, very bad

c. it is a VERY LONG way from Kent to Scotland

but above all that - this road trip made me realise that Scotland is our home.
in the short time we have lived here - it has completely stolen our hearts.

we have lived away from the South East for only 5 weeks or so but we could not believe the traffic, the noise and the amount of people that we saw.

we both realised in a flash how very, very lucky we are to have been able to move away, i know that the S.E is a wonderful place for so many people, but for us.......


and the worst bit for me?????

the greasy, slimy film on the top of my cup of black tea

you just do not get that here in the very North of Scotland....

and long may i drink slime free tea x

see you all soon with pictures of Christmas goodies and news of the house!

t x

***** a little add on to say - pop over to here to read the most amazing words from a 17 year old boy - truly inspiring, and no doubt a very proud mum and dad!
just scroll down to Sunday xx


freds world said...

Hi, your post is so moving..a friend of ours lost her daughter aged 18, she had a humanist funeral, it was heartbreaking but if a funeral can be perfect it was, all the enlarged pictures of her with her friends and family celebrated her life....i dont know if you knoe but we live in kent ans last year hayley and i escaped the kids and spent a week in scotland staying at Kinkell castle, it was amazing, i know why you love it so much, no traffic, no ratrace just amazing views and calmness, and i think when you are calm you can be inspired to be creative...thanks for the mention about Darryl, i never knew this existed as it was on his myspace, it brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my SON wrote that and hes amazing! and as a lady who had just lost her son said to me.."you have to cuddle them when you can touch them!"...bye for now, fred.

mollycupcakes said...

It's lovely to have you back safe and sound. Your friend was a amazing person and I'm sure she's bringing smiles and laugther to everyone else now where ever she is. Someone like that will live on through everyone she ever touched.

Looking forward to news of the house and Christmas stock.

Catherine x

Leanne said...

its good you re home safe, and that you got to say goodbye properly to Annie.

We had a humanist funeral for my Dad, and everyone said it was the nicest farewell they had ever attended.

we moved away from the SE too, not as far as you, just to the SW, but like you, cant believe the difference in life, When I return to the SE occasionally, I cannot wait to leave and come home again.

theres a lot to be said for finding the place that your spirit craves.

Leanne x

Ragged Roses said...

Tracy it is so lovely to hear that amongst all your sadness you finally feel that you are coming home. I'm glad that you were able to get to Annie's funeral which sounds beautiful. She was obviously a very special person.
Kim x
Ps Cats are VERY bad (my two have kept me up for the past three nights, insisting on coming under the duvet for cuddles and then getting too hot and then patting me on the cheek again, to go back under ....!

Miles Away In France said...

I am pleased to hear that the funeral went well, although still very sad for everyone there.
Your friend surely was a very special person x

I know what you mean about moving away, when we visit England we notice how busy it is, so many cars and people and also so much litter everywhere, all things that we somehow managed to ignore for so many years.
Racheal x

Rubyred said...

Tracy,it sounds like Annie had a lovely send off.She was obviously a very special person.So pleased
that your road trip was uneventful!
Scotland is just so beautiful,i've been twice and I love it!Looking forward to hearing news of your house and seeing your Christmas goodies.

Claudia said...

I am of the opinion that the very best legacy we can leave is to know that we have touched the lives of those around us in some small way. In that currency, your friend was indeed rich. I am glad you were able to say goodbye, and to be comforted by the love of all the others who loved your friend.

Jane said...

Well I'm very glad that Scotland has become home and that your tea is slime free and your friend at rest,

jules said...

so glad you have returned HOME safely, even though your journey was a tough one your return has made you see that your decision to make such a life changing move was the right thing to do. we left the SE 2 years ago and whenever I go back for a visit I realise this is no longer the happy place I grew up in and I can't wait to get back to france for my little piece of peace on earth

jules xx

looking forward to your christmas goodies and news of the house

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

I am so pleased you are back safe and sound,it's a long journey you have made in more ways than one.I kept checking in to see if you had posted.
I hope the beautiful scenery and perfect location you have moved to will be the inspiration you need and I'm sure your friend will live on in your heart forever.
I wish you well.
Kat xx

Love Honor Disobey said...'s so good to see you again. I'm so sorry I have been MIA. You have been in my thoughts a lot though...every time I see a whippet, I think of you. I am glad to see that your move went well...your house is amazingly gorgeous...and wowza! Look at all that land! I am so sorry to hear about losing your good friend. I lost a good friend to Mr. Meanie too and it is so sad. As usual, your blog makes me laugh, smile...and cry too. I have missed you! Jake sends his cuddles xx

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Tracy,

Glad that you got home safely and that you could see positives in your sad journey.

Talking of the journey, on the one hand I'm happy for you that the trip was uneventful. But on the other ..... that last trip was funny!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Tracy

After all your anxieties about leaving your old home to move such a long way, it's so nice to hear you that it's home after such a short time. It's not as far, I know, but moving from Northamptonshire to the West Country 19 years ago was the best thing we ever did, and trips back to see family are always fraught with traffic nightmares.

A moving post once again.

Look forward to seeing the Christmas goodies. Suddenly it (Christmas) doesn't seem such a bad word - amazing what a difference a couple of weeks makes!

Sue x