Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Chicken Wednesday....

he begged
he pleaded
please do not show those cards


i listened to my darling, usually correct boyfriend........

and am only going to show the milder cards from this fantastic card company

(i'll send the others to his family.)

i present Frank and Doreen......

also sneaking in is this fab card all about the wonder of knickers

and a sweet non offensive card ....

or two.

but back to the (slightly) rude ones!


poor old Alfred

good old Joyce

charming Kevin

and my personal favourite - Peter and Mary.

cards featuring knickers, santa and christmas trees are 50p each

the rude ones are £1 each

p&p included

go on - send Joyce to your best friend and your mum!

tomorrow we go back to crafts and vintage treasures (thank goodness)

normal service will resume

shameless selling over

t x


Utah Grammie said...

I LOVED the cards! What a hoot. I think I know all of those people...what does that say about ME?
Keep 'em coming!

Monkee Maker said...

Doh! What a shame you listened to your censorous boyfriend! Still, the photo ones are funny; they take me right back to childhood christmases in the 70s!

Ragged Roses said...

I'm sure I know Joyce!
Kim x

mollycupcakes said...

LOL they are very funny I just love the old people ones, the jumper one was my Grandad I think hehe! and Joyce my Granny after a couple of snowballs lol
I think I'll be buying a couple of those honey. How do I order them?
Let me know x

Catherine x

April said...

I'd love some rude Christmas cards but do you ship to the U.S.?

Tilly said...

It's a pity I don't do xmas, or I'd be buying some of those rude ones m'self.

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi there! I too love the Peter and Mary one hee hee.Everyone seems to be building up to Christmas, me too, it's a lovely time isn't it?best wishes from Annie x

Kitty said...

I have a guilty confession ... I've been reading your blog for ages *blush* but have been tempted out of cover to comment on these wonderful cards. I've had a lovely snigger at those - might be back to purchase some!
I admire your work - you are very talented.
Take care ~ Kitty :-)

love.boxes said...


love.boxes said...

these cards remind me of my brother who always sends a thoughtful, (albeit rude) card for my birthday. :)