Thursday, 27 September 2007

in love *sigh*

just look who has travelled all the way from America.............

i set eyes on her here and it was love at first sight, she had to be mine x
the eyes, the whiskers, her so soft fur xxx


i was not disappointed when i carefully opened the box.
inside my new beauty was joined by others who i will introduce to you soon.
they deserve a post of their very own x

take a peek at this wonderful blog and Etsy shop
just don't buy everything....... i need Christmas gifts that i will buy with good intentions and then keep......

i now need to name this creature of mine
something magical
but mischievous

any ideas??

i shall pick my favourite and reward the person who names my new *sigh* love, with a parcel of delights x

so, just leave your suggestions on this post.
i will gather the giveaway goodies later and post a picture of it tomorrow x

(just in case you are worried that you may win a pile of rubbish!)

also arriving on my door mat (except there is no door mat - just horrid laminate, another reason why i cannot wait to be in my home by the sea - moan, moan)

the wonderful Autumn catalogue from Brora

full of the most beautiful clothes, beautiful women , beautiful photography and a fawn whippet

ahem - the whippet is not the only reason why i receive this catalogue.

Brora is a place we visit often, lovely beach for the dogs, really nice ice cream and cake shop and a rather nice Italian restaurant / cafe serving good food and great Italian coffee.

it is just a shame that the nearest shop selling these beautiful Scottish inspired clothes is Leeds!!!!

if you are tempted by the sight of this catalogue - be warned - it is rather expensive


and yet another arrival at 2am this morning...

my beautiful, much, much loved car who was left behind along with Stephens rather pretty old land rover in Kent.

they travelled up on the back of a truck as the 750 miles would have been far too much for our oldies!
but we are so glad that they are here.
i looked out of my window this morning, breathed in the sea air and squealed with delight at the sight of my anglia xxx

in celebration of her arrival and all the miles we will travel together in wonderful Scotland....
i'm going to make her a new cushion......

see you soon
remember to post your ideas for a name for the new addition to my family x

t x


Kat-in-a-flap. said...

'Spanglemist',well you did say any suggestions.
What a lovely little thing,the eyes are gorgeous,
I so love your car and am glad for you that it arrived safely,how are your plans going for your house ?
I managed to order some kitchen soap and a dishcloth from your site,I'm looking forward to recieving them,I bet it's a hike to the Post Office from your cottage.
Our weather is awful,cold and wet.Hope yours is better.
Kat xx

the flour loft said...

Hello Tracy
I did wonder wether your eventful trip north was in your green ford anglia! .. now i now it wasn't. Memories of our triumph vitesse rattling on the motorway up to Northumberland to visit family haunt me, and thats only half way!
She'll (i asume she's female), be much happier with you and those windy country roads. Enjoy.x

As for your new friend. can't think as i saw the etsy site and i think pixie suits her well.

The Devil Makes Work said...

Love your blog, and the catalogue too. Yummy, I have a copy but it's sooooooo expensive. I just look at it and dribble occasionally. As for your little cute creature, I have been trying to think of a name. Poor thing looks a bit startled, but then I suppose you would be if you'd been taped inside a box and gone through the post. I think I would call her Maisie. She just looks like a Maisie to me :-)

Samantha said...

Hi Tracy,
I think she's a Clara - definitely a Clara.

Glad your car's arrived safely


Miles Away In France said...


So glad to hear you sounding like your old self again.

Lovely to see the anglia again.

Take care
Racheal x

Kristy said...

We think Myrtle!

Monkee Maker said...

Fluffy Flowers certainly makes the cutest creations, doesn't she? I think you should have included a warning on this post though, that if you visit her shop then you WILL buy something!

Tissue. For the rabbit's name.

Can you believe that back in the day my parents and us four kids all fitted into an Anglia? And ok, so I nearly fell out the door during one trip when my mum and I were arguing about which way the handle turned to lock it - I was on her lap at the time - but still, happy memories!!

Angel Jem said...

Miranda. Or Bunnylina. But the Princess says fluffy bunny is her favourite idea (?)

Geri said...

really, don't you think her name is...sigh.that's all just,sigh. She's beautiful!

dottycookie said...

I think I would call her Muffet. I have no idea why. She does look very very snuggly though ...

I'm glad your car has come home to you!

Gigibird said...

The Brora catalogue is the cause of much angst as I want everything- in fact I wants to live inside the catalogue and waft about bedecked in cashmere for the rest of my life.

Gemma said...

She is deffo a Milly Molly Mandy, or MMM for short.

Utterly adorable!

julia said...

Twiglet, don't know why, it just came to me.

Brora, like Toast is hugely desirable but definitely beyond my meagre means - sigh!

Julia x

Wild Rose said...

Your new love looks like a Zinnia to me...

What a lovely Ford Anglia! You must be looking forward to many happy miles together.

I'm off to take a look at Brora. I may need to pay a visit to Leeds next time I visit my Mum in Harrogate.

Marie x

April said...

She looks very much like a "Lily" to me. I love her ribbon, so pretty.

I own "Mitch Mizzenmast" the pirate cat courtesy of Fluffy Flowers. She does such beautiful work.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I LOVE your car!!!! And the color is my favorite!!!!

And that sweet little fluff-ball you received is sooo precious! I think those big eyes are endearing... this may sound funny, but I'll go with the name "winky" (tongue-in-cheek, of course, as she's not able to blink)! =)

Janice said...

I don't know why but as soon as I saw her I thought of Peekaboo. Seems to suit her.
Glad to see your car arrived and you can get about a little more.

Leanne said...

and my contribution is Desireé, as you did desire her so very much..... :-)

leanne x

jules said...

I have thought about this and wanted to suggest something that was relevant to you, cupcakes makes me think of sweet things, and that I think sums you up you are always ready to answer enquiries and post kind thoughts on your blog and I think your new friend should fall into the sweet category too. As I was making my morning tea I grabbed the box of sugar lumps and here in france they are called Morceaux which means small piece of sugar as she is quite small I thought Morceaux would be perfect.

good luck with the name hunt


mollycupcakes said...

Hi Tracy, I showed the beautiful bunny to my little Daisy and she just said Snuggle, and she does look like a snuggest, snugly, cutest little bunny. Molly agrees, she looks like a snuggle.
I did look on the site and can't resist a couple of goodies myself. I'll post them when they arrive.
Your old car looks just lovely, my Auntie Eileen used to have one of those and hers was green. I used to love drive into Hove village with her in it. I felt like a real film star, cos everyone would look at us. Happy times :)
Hugs, hope you like the name x
Catherine, Molly and Daisy.

acorn and will said...

So glad to see the Anglia made it all that way, I was rather wondering what had happended to it!

As for names, I'm terrible at things like that but I second Julia's idea of Twiglet! Jennifer

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

When I saw the photo I just sighed-it's sooooo lovely! And wintery!!! And the eyes!! It's gorgeous-just like your car! My friend had a much beloved Anglia with a walnut dash!xx

Liz said...

She looks like a Flora to me, especially as she is a Scottish lassie!

Lesley said...

Bunster - that's all - nothing fancy - it just ahppens to be what we call them in our house. She's v cute and I love her big big eyesxx

the vicious chicken said...

I've given it some thought, but I just can't come up with anything as good as Kat's 'Spanglemist' or Julia's 'Twiglet' - both great names. If pressed, I'd suggest 'Cloud'.

Great car :o)

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Hi Tracy,
Just wanted to loet you know that the soap arrived safely and it's just gorgeous,I love it thankyou.
Kat x

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi Tracy, I think she should be called Victory,because she's shaped like a 'v' and she is one, what a lovely little creation. So too is your Ford Anglia, I imagine you trundling along the coastal roads, and the sound it would make, have fun!!Annie x

Jane said...


Vintage to Victorian said...

Love your car, but do we get to see the landy as well?

Not sure why, but Philomena sprang to mind for your mischievous new friend!

Sue x

Viv said...

Returning the favour of a visit (and also shamefacedly admitting I've been more of a Giles admirer than a Buffy fan, even though one scarcely gies without the other); also would you mind if I linked from my blog to yours?
As for the name question...Cecilia. Maybe Celia for short, but to me she's a Cecilia.

rach said...

hello! how about phinoula? it is the name of an human resources administator who rang me last week about an interview, she shortened it to nula! whimsical and mischeivous methinks!

brora looks lovely, and italain ice cream yum!
take care rach xxxx

Barbara said...

Greetings from south west Scotland. I think she might be called Violet Fanshawe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy
Love your blog, I'm delurking! My name for your lovely bunny is Pooka -it's from the james stewart movie Harvey and I think it suits her! XXXX Anita XXXX

Kitty said...

Hi Tracy ... thanks for visiting. That little cutie looks like a 'Gracie' to me.
Keep up the wonderful blogging.
Kitty :-) x

Süßstoff said...

A friend of mine told me about your blog and... it's great. I don't understand why there are still so many lovely blogs out there that I haven't noticed before!
I'll definitely spend some time here.

I'd love to help you with a name for your new love, but I don't think I can. To difficult for me, but I think you got some very nice suggestions already.


Victoria May Plum said...

Aah what a cutie, I would call her Poppy.

Glad to see that your car has arrived safely, it is sooo gorgeous.

I love Brora too, and Toast. I just love that vintage country look, your new blog photo makes you look just like one of the Brora models - prettily windswept.

Victoria x

Elizabeth said...

Hi - I would call her 'Lavender' as she seems to be such a pretty lavender colour. Love reading your blog, and really envy you your new life in the far north - it is such a beautiful part of the British Isles.

Junebug said...

I found you from Peacyhollow. Your little green car is lovely. I have never seen an Anglia before, very adorable. "Buttons" or "RareBit" is my suggestion.

heddy said...

Hi Again,
I forgot to spell out the other reason for
It is the "something magical" addition the name WHISKEY sounds rather like whiskers, but not really.
P.s. I hopped over from Pixie Wood

Deb said...

I instantly thought Looby Loo, the infeasibly long ears remind me of Andy Pandy's friend's legs!