Wednesday, 29 August 2007


......... thats how i feel at the moment.

i loved having my mum here for the weekend, it just went too quickly..

the joy of just having her all to myself - something that does not happen often when you are the eldest of five.
time to share, talk, laugh......

i miss her

each morning i awoke with butterflies in my tummy because my mum was just across the hallway
and now she has gone home.

life here, of course, has to go on and after i finished sobbing in the car at the airport, we came back to our little stone house.

i of course took the camera out with me at all times - i just didn't remember to use it....
the only photos i took where of these cuties.

baby highland cows xxxxxxx
i drove both stephen and my mum loopy all the way home by saying over and over how i had to have two of these gorgeous creatures when we move.
stephen seemed to be o.k with it, but upon speaking to friends i am not sure.
apparently they are grumpy and bad tempered
not good qualities to have when you are going to grow up to have enormous horns!

we shall see
i will search out owners of these beasts and do a little research.

other than moping about the house without my mum, i have done very little else.

i know i should be uploading Christmas stock on to the website but my heart is just not in it today.

instead i have cuddled twigs pigs x

taken a few photographs

of stock that will make an appearance any day soon on the website.......

and watched dvd's, consumed tea bread and an alarming amount of cups of tea.

oh - and to top off a few horrid days, tallula whippet has a tick........

on her bum

life is just peachy!

t x


Leanne said...

aw, sorry you are feeling 'Yuk'

its ok to feel like that sometimes, have some more tea and more cuddles from your gorgeous cat.

Leanne x

Monkee Maker said...

Wow, you were up early this morning!

Glad you had a lovely time with your mum, and sorry you feel so horrid now. Why not treat yourself to some new undies? (Ok, that's definitely my last mention of underwear, in case you think I'm some kind of pantie nut - as well as a knitted monkey torturer!)

And how did you get to have such an easygoing partner? Baby Highland cows? Yeah, sure, bring them on!

Primrose Hill said...

Baby highland cows are cute, but I have to agree in the adult form they are a bit scary and grumpy - I went to give one a tickle on the nose once and it nearly took my arm off with it's horn!!! I've never seen Gregg laugh so much in all his life!

Hope you cheer up soon, more tea and cakes is a must.

L xx

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Hi Tracy,
I'm so pleased you had a good time with your mum,I'm the opposite,there's only me and her so I often get mummyoverdose !!!!!
Poor doggy with a tic,nasty things at the best of times.
I must have some of that Kitchen soap,how can I get hold of some,it's to die for.
Hope you soon feel happy again,your darling Archie would do it for me.
Very Best Wishes Kat xxx

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Oh I know, my Mum lives 300 miles away, we always feel sad when we've spent a week together and have to say goodbye. But it passes, you both get into your normal routine again and look forward to the next time. Do some nice things to cheer yourself up.
Gill x

Ragged Roses said...

More tea and more cake!!!! Hope you're feeling happier soon and counting the sleeps till the next visit! Glad you had such a wonderful time with her.
Kim x

mollycupcakes said...

Oh honey I'm so glad you had a lovely time with your mum and sorry it was so short. But she'll be back soon I'm sure.
Those baby cows do look very cute, just like they need a cuddle, but I don't think I'd like too lol
Don't forget you can never have to much tea and cake, it's our little comfort.
Bless Twigs piggs, there when needed.
Glad you like'd the photo of the car.
Hugs to you all x
Catherine x

sal said...

I find that now we're up here although we see less of friends and family, when they do come up with spend real 'quality time' together which is fab! Those baby Highland cattle are sooo cute - just like big teddy bears! I'd heard that they're very placid and laid back?!

Gigibird said...

Keep taking cake 3 times a day until symptoms fade.
The last time Harry got a tick it was just above his eye so needless to say we had to go to the vets. We now have an Otom which is acting as a talisman against them.

jules said...

You look like you live in a lovely part of the country so I'm sure it won't belong before your mum makes a hurried return to see you, who wouldn't want too the surroundings look gorgeous and to top it all she gets to spend time with you. I live in Burgundy France so I also only get fleeting visits from relatives and its hard when they leave, but I usually busy myself and before I know it another phone call comes saying can we come for a visit and it all starts again. Take care looking forward to the christmas bits. love the look of the soap.


French Knots said...

It's no wonder you feel yuk, it's a time of change.
More cake and cuddles called for I think!

Jane said...

The previous owners of our home had 2 highland cows in the field - we found an enormous hand painted sign when we arrived "Beware of the Bull".
Euan kept it cos I'm Taurean.
At least you can be in touch with your Mum via e-mail etc. She must love reading what you are up to in your blog -
More cake

Rose Vintage said...

Poor you Tracy....hope
life in Scotland makes up for not having your Mum around...Ticks are not nice, screwing them around clockwise with a pair of tweezers does the trick normally!



=^..^= said...

Hang in there - things will get better. Love your furry babies. Somehow that soothes a heartache.

carolyn said...

Just read that over at Julie's that you got the tick - little horror, so at least one reason to be cheerful. Poor Tracy, I'm sure your Mother will be only too pleased to visit again soon.

janet clare said...

We've told our 3 year old that these cattle are called 'och aye moos' because that is what they say! Much better name for them I think.

Cottage Contessa said...

Hi Tracy, I'm sorry you are sad about your mum. I know what it's like to miss someone you love. I just wanted to tell you that I've been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now. I love your humor! Anyway, reading blogs like yours has inspired me to have a go at blogging too. I hope you can pop over one day!

Rowan said...

Poor Tallulah - not only a tick in a delicate area but now all the world knows about it:)
I can understand your feelings at the moment as I am about to go through it in reverse, my younger son and his wife and my little grandson are moving down to Suffolk in 10 days or so and I shall miss them a lot. Cuddling twigs pigs sounds like an excellent remedy to me.

freds world said...

HI, i love the crochet flannel and the soap, let me know when they are in the shop, i think they will be a great stocking filler, bye for nw , fred

acorn and will said...

Oh no, I can totally identify with that empty feeling when guests go home, hope you and Tallula are feeling better soon. Jennifer

Victoria May Plum said...

I hope you feel happier soon... It won't be long until she comes back!

I want a baby cow, they are sooo cute.

Can't wait to see your Christmas products, I'm supposed to be doing mine too, but I'm not feeling too inspired at the moment.

Victoria x