Friday, 31 August 2007


after a battle involving me,
talulla's bee-hind,
the tick from hell,
toothpaste and
lavender oil
we are sorted......

ding dong the tick is dead

i will not lie to you dear readers - it was not a pretty sight or an easy battle......

talulla has taken to her bed

even after an emergency trip to the pet store , two large bags of treats and many hugs and kisses
the world according to talulla whippet was not a great place to be

bean - of course - took full control over the gifts galore
filled her belly
grabbed the prize winning softie
and fell fast asleep....
hoping for a visit from another tick next week

as long as it is not on her bum!

i have also picked myself up and dusted myself down

looked out of the window and realised what a lucky girl i am

and got on with the week

and now it is friday xxxxx

this is a new book which has helped me through my pit of doom. i need help you see -

the way i see it is.......

i am feeling sad at the loss of a house that i loved, not to mention the loss of my beloved Aga

i miss my best friend desperately, she who listens to all my woes, rage, and giggles, the girlie that came with me to trade show after trade show, ate cake with almost as much gusto as me and made me realise the sheer joy in watching Buffy the vampire slayer and other great box sets.

the sad truth is she is not a well girl - but i do not feel able to share this worry at the moment.

i am also craving the feel and sight of all my vintage crockery - i have started to dream about certain items but the logistics of climbing the cardboard mountain to find the treasure is not an option
(my own mother gasped at the sight of the cardboard nightmare....... actually gasped)

sooooooo - a few books here and there will, i am sure, help me through this troubling stage.

news of the house build is still no news. my sweetheart assures me that things are moving along, calculations have been submitted and accepted - the guys are standing by to create the house by the sea.....

ack - i just cannot wait to create our new home - and pictures like the ones above only make me more desperate to get in with a huge pot of white paint, beautiful furniture, vintage treasures and enjoy the light and space.

it will come

it will get sorted.......

have a great weekend all

t x


Miles Away In France said...

Poor Talulla's bum, she certainly looks like she is feeling sorry for herself.
And Bean looks so cute, I really love to see pictures of them both.

I am sorry to hear that you are going through a bit of a low spell, it will all be so worth it in the end.
Racheal x

=^..^= said...

Be patient dear - as bad as you feel right now, you will feel equally as happy and gleeful when the house of your dreams is complete ! And then your friend can visit you there and all will be well again. Wishing you the best !!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I know exactly how you feel! It's horrible when you're itching to start arranging bits and you can't!! But it's well worth the wait!

Gigibird said...

Buy an Otom ( they work brilliantly.
After almost 2 years of doing up a dump I still have beloved items packed in boxes.....I would say while you are at this stage spend time looking at the minutiae of detail for your new home - where sockets will go, door knobs, etc - it paid dividends for me to be aware of what was available in my price range.
Dogs don't like their bottoms being touched or delt with.

Monkee Maker said...

Sending you happy thougts from down south!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

ooouch! Poor little pup! Glad she's resting well now!

Ragged Roses said...

Glad you're feeling better Tracy - so hard moving away and leaving loved ones behind. Glad the tick's gone and Tallula's on the mend. Have a good weekend enjoying your books.

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

I think it's so hard when you move from a house that you loved,but you know it's only bricks and mortar and you and your man and your gorgeous pets and your beautiful things are what makes the home.Sometimes we have to let something go to move on to something better.To everything a seson and to everything a purpose.Look on your move as the end of Spring when you put all those new plans into place.Everything will bloom in time and it will be for the best.My friend moved to Redcar and I missed her so much but we keep in touch and it's a nice place to go for a break !!!
I'm so glad you have found some inner strength to keep you going.Housey books are very motivational.
Hope Tallulah soon feels better.
Kat x

Cottage Contessa said...

Poor Talulla and poor Talulla's mummy! Even though it's a sad tale of woe indeed, they way you tell it is just so dang funny! Hugs for Talulla xxx

jules said...

sorry to see that you are having a few dramas today, I often have days or is it weeks like that but there is always tomorrow. love to the dogs although looking at her under her blanket I really don't think she is interested at the moment


Leanne said...

Oh dear!.... glad Tallula's bum is tick-free and healing, and I'm glad you are getting through your 'yuk' phase slowly but surely. lovely books do help dont they? you'll soon be unpacking your treasures, and making the new house feel like home

Leanne x

Miles Away In France said...

Pop over to my blog I have a little something for you.
Racheal x

Annie's Abode said...

Oh dear I am always worrying that one of my boys will pick up a tick. Poor oska was stung today and he feels very sorry for himself. I was really worried but we rang the emergency vet who said not to worry as the body will fight against the poison. I want to comfort him but he keeps hiding away. Our poor babies.

It is such a period of readjustment for you and one that is ahead of me - hopefully your house will be built quickly and you can make it your own and then you will not be able to keep your friends and family away.

I am not sure when I will be going but I am going to be patient. However I will watch your progress with interest.

We are lucky, you are quite right.
I am sure you will be making lots of new friends soon too.

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Tracy,
The girls send Talulla a big kiss and lots of hugs. Naughty tick yuk! keep off those cute anmials. Daisy's ready to bash anymore that have ago at getting on any of them lol.
Chin up honey, all your lovelys will be sitting pretty very soon, in your gorgeous new home.

Best wishes.
Ctherine and family x