Thursday, 19 July 2007

all change and catch up - day one

hip hip hooray
the camera has been found
lurking amongst the chaos at the shop


lots to catch up on
as i have so many things to show and tell i thought i would spread it out over the next few days
so as not to bore you all!!!

but before we begin - what do you all think of the new look?
to be honest - i am not sure
i was going for a more coastal feel to fit in with my new life.
maybe i will try a few options with other colours.

now on to show and tell.....

firstly a HUGE thank you to those sweet girls over at the flour loft

i was so lucky to win a competition to name a wonderful range of dolls that they hand make.
have you been over to see them?
if not go, go, go x
amongst all the other nice things they make whilst singing and dancing around their studio are these really nice (and soooo well made) flower brooches, as shown in the picture above.
i cannot wait to wear mine - thank you both so much x

now thank you number two goes winging its way over to manda x
i love this lady and her blog x
treefall designs

i was really quick to pounce on one of her new selvedge pin cushions
how cool and what a great idea
i love it and i am going to keep it wrapped up in tissue until my new studio has been built - a kind of welcome to your new studio gift!
the only down side of this parcel was that it arrived open - damm that post office!
i always worry that the postie has had a good root around to see what he can find - i cannot bear the thought of a great big burly man handling my pin cushion!!

the next picture is of my new vintage bag
i absolutely LOVE IT
last Saturday my parents came down for the day - ( the surf dudes )
we had a wonderful dog walk and lunch at fairlight, and then stopped off at Rye so that the boys could have a pint and us girls could have a quick browse at the shops.

if you get a chance to visit Rye you MUST go to the vintage kitchenalia shop - it is a dream.....
full to the brim of goodies including fab vintage baskets like mine x

whilst there i could not help but think of Gina and her gorgeous doggie.
like me on my first visit to this shop, Gina cried with shock at how great it is!!!!
go over and meet Gina - a really cool blog
and the sweetest dog!
love honor disobey

and lastly for today's catch-up is a few pictures of some of the wonderful gifts that i finally opened.

look at these knitting needles!!!!
i first caught sight of these beauties over at little cotton rabbits

and from the same wonderful folk ( stephens parents x )

two books that i have had my eye on for awhile

both books are great but the images of the cloth dolls are breathtaking.....
i know that i will never be able to recreate anything nearly as good as those shown, but the book is worth buying for the pictures alone.
although it does have really good instructions on how to make the body of the doll - maybe i will have a go one day.
just do not expect to see the results here........

well that's all the pictures for today
tomorrow i will show you some of the other gifts i received and maybe a picture of our new donkeys xxxx

i also have another giveaway to tell you about - a belated its my birthday giveaway.
it would have been on my birthday if that pesky camera had not done a runner........

t x


the flour loft said...

Hi Tracy,
Love your vintage basket..I have a 1960's gondola basket which i got from a car boot a number of years gives me great pleasure.. especially as my mum had one as i was growing up(hers ended up with plaster tape on it to hold it together it was so used.)
Glad to see you've got over your phobia and are enjoying your lovely Birthday presents and so glad you like the brooch...(thanks for the compliments)
Wear and enjoy.

Gigibird said...

Love your new look blog:)
Very pleased to see a pussy cat being featured at long last!
And thank goodness you found your camera. I

julie said...

I love the new look - the colours are very driftwoody / maramgrassy and definitely feel coastal - the picture of the girls is great too. What a lucky girl you've been recently - boo to the fat fingered postie though for rifling your lovely package from Manda. Belated happy birthday by the way - what wonderful pressies especially your lovely new spotty needles (still haven't got myself some, maybe I'll get lucky when it's my birthday)

Alison said...

What a lot of goodies you have had recently...those pin cushions of Manda's are great aren't they!
Take care,
Alison x

sarah said...

I love your new needles and the pin cushion is a fab idea !
Sarah x

dottycookie said...

Belated happy birthday - and you got some great gifts! Those spotty needles are scrumptious. I think I need some too ...

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Hun,
So glad you found the camera, great photos, love the flower items from the flour loft. Will pop on there and have a look.
Like the new look post.
Glad you had a nice birthday, take care.
Catherine x

Nonnie said...

Love your new basket! It reminds me of my Cornishware. Also really like the new look, especially the banner of the lovely girls! The colours look really lovely and calm.

Deb said...

Hi Tracy
Love the new look on your blog. The colours do look very "coastal" :-} and the pictures of Bean & Talulla & Archie are precious!

Ragged Roses said...

Love the new look! Looks like you've got some lovely pressies. We'r planning to go off to rye for the day when the girls break up and the sun shines - Rye also has a great sweet shop!!!
Kim x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Tracy! I love your vintage pin-cushion!! And your new blog makeover looks great too x

Rowan said...

Glad that your camera turned up and hope that you had a lovely birthday, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to open presents! I can hardly wait to get them open:)We visited Rye a couple of years ago to visit Lamb House, shops were shut so I didn't see the kitchenalia shop - probably just as well.

buttercup & roses said...

So glad you found your camera, blogs are not the same without the pics!
Loving that pin cushion and those knitting needles...Im definatly going to take up knitting now!


Sew Recycled! said...

Happy happy belated birthday - sorry, I need to catch up on an awful lot of peeps!
I like the new look, its very ....floaty, wavy, sealike!
Gosh you had some delightful gifts, enjoy them!

thehomelyyear said...

Hi, I love your basket. It reminds me of one I had as a child that my sister bought for me when she was on holiday in Prestatyn, Wales. It had a handle that was red and black. I used to use it when we went to pick blackberries and eventually of course it became stained purple. Those knitting needles are brill too.

Country Cottage Chic said...

I just love that basket - I can't resist old baskets & have loads of them piled up on top f my cupboards....but I DO use them!

julia said...

Wow, what goodies! Love the new look for the blog.

Hope the packing's going well.

By the way, I'm still a nail biter at 37, what can you do??

Julia x

Love Honor Disobey said...

You are so sweet! Everytime I see a Whippet I think of you and your lovely doggies. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog...I have had lots of really cool peeps contact me now thanks to that.

I like the new page layout by the way. Oh, and those knitting needles are amazing! Hey, did you get that vintage basket at that shop in Rye? I think I saw it there actually...I almost bought one just like it...but it was red instead of blue.

Your cat is cute and for once does NOT have the hump :-)
Happy belated birthday Tracy.
Hugs to you from me and Jake x

Annie's Abode said...

The new blog looks great and it is so nice it features the lovely girls.

Wow what a lot of lovely pressies -I love those knitting needles too. I did see some like it at the CL fair earlier in the year and now I wished I had bought some.

Your basket is great too - I use baskets in the summer as they go nicely with summer clothes.

You are a lucky girl!

Love Ax

Chara Michele said...

Such lovely goodies!