Monday, 23 July 2007

the final count down....... ta da da

this time next week we will be on the road to our new life.
stephen in a huge lorry with binks the rabbit
and me stuck in a tiny clio with four cats and two dogs......

so - dear readers, today we start the count down, and to keep me a little sane by giving me something to do other than panic i shall each day list the following:

#1 - times i have cried for no reason
#2 - times i have had a hissy fit for no reason
#3 - times i have asked stephen if we are going to be o.k
#4 - times i have fallen over a box
#5 - times i have gone to the now empty food cupboard looking for the biscuits

so day one

#1 = 3
#2 = 4
#3 = at least 12
# 4 = 2
# 5 = 4 (so far)

stephen is hoping that by tomorrow #2 will have decreased!!!!

but on to brighter and more interesting things - more pretty things to show and tell x

have any of you been over to belle and boo?
if not then you really should - i have .......

a set of the most beautiful prints for my new house
yes - the one that is not even built yet!

and other goodies such as badges (never go out without one)
the cutest stickers which i know i will never be able to actually use
and a bunny magnet

it all arrives well packaged on the most amazing background card that WILL NOT be heading towards the recycling box
and i even had two cute postcards in the parcel for free

i neeeeeed more
but have promised stephen that i will wait until the house is built

i lied.......
i do feel another order coming along quite soon x
so - if you do pop along then please leave some goodies for me.

as you all now know my parents ( aka the surf dudes ) came to visit for the day bringing presents and lemon cake.
one of the presents was this sweet top which i have decided will be perfect for wearing whilst driving to Scotland.
loose and cool - but still chic for when i stop for a cup of tea x
sorry - no pictures of the cake - it was eaten in the few days that the camera was lost!

***note to mummy - the cake was delicious but stephen would like it noted that he only managed to eat two slices - one of them being the slice he ate when you were here.
i of course have no idea where the rest of the cake went......***

and lastly for today is a picture of talulla whip doing what she does best.....

snoozing the day away x

t x


Angel Jem said...

Love the prints, and it seems perfectly reasonable to me to buy things for a house that hasn't been built yet(!)

Gigibird said...

you're almost there - more cake and hissy fits are allowed under the circumstances;-)

mollycupcakes said...

Gorgeous top very chic for tea.
Oh lemon cake yum my fav.
I'm sure there is more crying and hissy fits to come, but they are all in a good course lol.

Take care honey. Hugs to you all

Catherine x

sarah said...

Love the top and your new prints. Sarah x

French Knots said...

The prints are super, I'll be heading over for a look....
I think more cake and also chocolate might help with the hissy fits and weeping!

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi Tracy, love visiting your blog. I especially love your dogs, love the funny photos! good luck with your move next week, what an exciting time for you.....Come visit my new blog sometime ( when you find the time!)Best Wishes from Annie x

Miles Away In France said...

Oh my god I can't believe it is only a week to go, it seems to have happened suddenly but I know that it hasn't.
The prints are lovely I am heading over there right now.
The picture of Tallulah is adorable, belle cuddles her teddies and it still amazes me to see it, they do actually know what they are doing don't they?
Racheal x

Miles Away In France said...

Just wanted to say that you deserve an award for keeping up your blog so close to such a big event in your life.
Well done
Racheal x

the flour loft said...

Hi Tracy,
Don't worry my lovely ....I'm sure you will be more than ok. You will have your lovely Stephen with you and your cats, girls and binks... and what an exciting new adventure for you all.
I wish you lots of love for this week and your move.

sal said...

Aaah very sweet Talulla with her bunny? you'd be better in the lorry - when we moved up here Bob the bunny was quite content in his box for 6 hours nibbling happily on hay, Tiggy the cat however shouted rude things ALL the way!! But she's happier than ever up here - there's just so many places for a cat to explore!

buttercup & roses said...

This week will be a tough one, but try and keep thinking of all the positive things that are going to come out in the end...
Be happy hunny.., well try your best!
Perhaps keep an emergency packet of choccy biccys just incase!

Annie's Abode said...

Hi Tracy,

Do I love those prints? Yep I have just bought that set too. Aren't they great. I am just having them framed and thought I would show them when I get them back.

Moving home is one of the most stressful times but moving from one part of the country is even more stressful so you should be allowed to be whatever you want and eat whatever you want. You also have the added worry about your animals although Tallula seems to be taking it all in her stride. As soon as a suitcase is brought out my two get the sulks. I hope all goes well for all of you and keep us posted even though we know how busy you will be.
Thinking of you,

Beata said...

I just found Belle & Boo yesterday and was instantly smitten!
Take care of yourself...

Nonnie said...

Love the new top. Very chic for moving house. I'll definitely be heading over to Belle and Boo. Very cute prints. And I think you need to keep getting yourself tiny little treats over the coming months to help you stay focussed on creating your new home.
Thinking of you lots this week as the big day gets nearer. Crying and hissy fits are definitely allowed if not recommended for keeping you sane! x

Samantha said...

Hi Tracy,
not long to go now - make the most of your hissy fits whilst you have a good excuse for having them!

claire Maraldo said...

Gosh, it really is near now! Let us know how you get on. how exciting!
I think you need lots of cake to keep your strength up.

Love those prints too. I'm going to pop over to have a look right now . . .

Ragged Roses said...

Things are really happening!!! Lots more cake has to be eaten and a few more hissy fits and you'll be on your way. You're going to have a wonderful time Tracy and your new home will be lovely. Enjoy the ride!

Chara Michele said...

That top is gorgeous!

yours truly said...

Hi Tracy, your blog is wonderful and the prints are lovely. Being a dog mother myself, I love your greyhounds!


belleandboo said...

Wow, thank you SO much for such a lovely blog about my work, I can't wait to see them up in your new home. Your dogs are very funny and that side cabinet is beautiful, I'm looking for a little cabinet that I can paint that colour for my bathroom.