Tuesday, 17 July 2007

35 and 8

today i have reached the grand age of 35.....

happy birthday to me.

i woke feeling happy to be 35 and not on the slippery slope to 40
(that will be the horror of my next birthday )

cakes for breakfast and then one last search for that pesky camera - it truly is nowhere to be found.
i am starting to worry that i have taken it to the shop to photograph stock, left it on a shelf or the desk and someone has hoodwinked it.

i am going to have one last search tomorrow and if pesky camera #1 does not appear than i will be off to purchase a replacement.
i am missing having a camera badly - it is only now that i realise that i use my camera throughout the day - everyday.

so no new exciting pictures to show you today....

instead i have been tiggedy tagged again!!!!

yes you lucky people you get to know another 8 odd things about me - and all 8 odd things will be interrupted by images of stuff

hey before you groan at the lack of thought and imagination (and lets face it interest) - its all I've got.....
go with it
it is my birthday!

i am a nail biter at the age of 35 - always have been probably always will be - it disgusts me every time i look at my hands
the trouble is i do not even notice that i am doing it.

i LOVE being by the sea - but i am petrified of going into water


my parents drive around in a van that used to belong to deep water divers - it has a sliding side door and surfing stickers and logos on it
they look like a couple of surf dudes
how cool is that!
( sorry to tell everyone that mum x )

i am slightly embarrassed by the whole birthday thing - i am really grateful that my family and friends want to buy me presents but i have trouble in opening them
i am not sure what it is but it makes me slightly uncomfortable - perhaps it is being the center of attention for the day that i dislike - after all that is the main reason why i will not get married.
as i write this i still have not unwrapped my presents from today!

i hate hate hate the smell and taste of wine
i know - its a crying shame
but there it is

i am moody
yep - both my mum and Stephen will be nodding there heads in agreement to this one
i blame the fact that i am a cancerian
a grumpy moody homemaker x

i am a fan of blood, death and gore - please do not be scared!!!
i was fascinated by illness and death when caring for the elderly
i happily delved around when autopsies had to be performed at the vets
but i cannot bear violence in films
strange but true.....

i believe in spirits / ghosts
a few things have happened in my lifetime that i just cannot explain
i wish i was brave enough to delve further in to the world of the supernatural but i just would not be able to sleep at night ever again

there we have it
now please note that this is my third list and if i have repeated myself then i apologise
and if anyone feels the need to tag me again then be warned that i am running out of nice and gentle things to admit to!!

i hope to bring you new and fresh pictures later this week as i have the sweetest new (vintage) bag to show
a special package that arrived from two lovely ladies x
a birthday giveaway (angel gem - do not forget to claim your bunny!!!!!)
news of the house in Scotland
gifts to show (if i ever unwrap them)
pictures of my last visit to Dungeness
a countdown to the giant move and closing the shop
and anything else that i can find to waffle on about!

sending happy thoughts to you all
and extra hugs to my mummy xxx

t x


Ragged Roses said...

Happy Birthday Tracy - hope you're having a wonderful day. Have been thinking of you a lot recently, hoping that everything is going okay. What a great list - completely with you on No.4 and no. 8, but I do love wine and I think your parents are really cool!
Kim x

claire said...

Happy Birthday Tracy! Hope you are having a lovely day and lots of cake.
Love claire x

P.S and open those pressies soon!

sarah said...

Happy Birthday Tracey, hope you have had a fab day !!
Sarah x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you are having a fab day!! Loved your list too, and I agree with you on number 8!!

Samantha said...

Hapy Birthday Tracy.

I do hope you manage to find your camera.


Annie's Abode said...

Hi Tracy,

Happy Birthday to you!

Hope you have had a great day and those presents are now unwrapped.

I love the idea of your parents van!

Hurry up and get that camera I want to see all those geat photos.

Thank you for your comments on my blog about the handmade cards - it was very much appreciated as I do lack conficence in things I make.

Hugs to the girls and will show you some pics of my boys soon.
Love Ax

Gigibird said...

Happy Birthday!
I don't relate to not opening presents - in fact as soon as someone gives me one and says something stupid like, 'don't open it until your Birthday' It's open!
35 is a great age - 40 is great too. I am now 44 (but feel about 28)
I've never understood why people bite their nails....my brother used to when he was young, but he cured himself...as did Lady Di. You will cure yourself when your'e ready:)
Just buy another camera. If I lost mine I would HAVE to get another straight away.Try and think of the last thing to photographed - it might help:)
Cakes for breakfast - now your talking.

st├ęphanie said...

happy birthday to you

Rubyred said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tracey,how lovely,cakes for brekkie!Loved your list!Hope you find your camera soon!It is a shame about the wine thing though!

Chara Michele said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you find your camera soon!

andsewtosleep said...

Happy happy birthday Tracy (well what's left of it!) Thanks for the comment on my blog. Good idea about the sock group - bags I don't show first. Your parents do sound like cool dudes.
PS Don't worry about birthdays - they're just an anniversary by another name.

Miles Away In France said...

Happy Birthday to you xx
Racheal xx

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Tracy, now I am sorry to have Tagged you, as you seem a little stressed!! Andrea x

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Happy birthday Tracy, trust me turning 40 is great, lots to look forward to! You NEED to get yourself another camera gf, we're missing your pics.

I'm with you on the water thing ( I like to see what's beneath me, can't bear all that unknown territory), and the birthday thing, but I managed to get married many years ago....
It's a blooming shame about the wine, a glass or two of red goes down very well sometimes. I'm moody too but I'm a Piscean so you can't pull that old Cancerian excuse.
I've been thinking about you too and wondering how the move is going, not long now! Good luck.

Clare said...

Happy Birthday! I totally empathise with you regarding no. 4! Hope you are having a lovely day. :)

Nonnie said...

A very happy Birthday Tracy! Hope you have a really lovely day. Great list but I really think you need to get those presents open now. Enjoy the rest of the day and eat lots of Birthday cake. x

mollycupcakes said...

Happy happy birthday, glad you had a lovely day.
And look forward to seeing all the gifts you got.
Enjoy lots more cake and fun in the rest of the week ;)

Love Catherine and family xx

the flour loft said...

Happy Birthday to you..!
loved reading this post and more of your weird and wonderful things. 35 is great.. i am on that slippery slope.. 40 next birthday, although i hope to embrace it. (will let you know how i get on)....
Enjoy the rest of your day!
lots of love

Monkee Maker said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday! I simply can't believe that you didn't rip into all your presents immediately!! I could do it for you if you like.

Fab list, why oh why am I having such trouble with mine?

ps. you could always elope ;-)

buttercup & roses said...


I hope your having a lovely day, make sure you get thoses prezzies opened!!


Vintage Amethyst said...

*Happy Birthday*
Hope you had a fab day!
love Alison x

carolyn said...

Happy happy birthday Tracy I too am fascinated by ghosts and things that go bump in the night but would be absolutly terrified if I ever saw one or heard something.

Deb said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Tracy. Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your 35th !!

Beata said...

Happy Birthday Tracy! I hope your 35th year will be good one! -- It definitely seems like it'll be filled with adventure!

Isobel said...

Oh no, I am a bit late but, please, accept my belated Happy Birthday wishes. :)
Hope your day was wonderful!

alison said...

I'm right with you on number 1 and 2. Also very ashamed of number 1.
Happy, happy, HAPPY Birthday Tracy!!

belleandboo said...

Happy Birthday, those cup cakes are so pretty, I totally understand about the whole marriage thing, the thought of being centre of attention for the day fills me with dread.