Tuesday, 5 June 2007

day two.......... chaos level lower

1. wake, bathe, dress, avoid looking at hair - check
2. coffee and biscuits, avoid looking at fruit bowl - check
3. all animals fed, cuddled, asleep again - check
4. blog - almost check
5. washing out, washing on, hoovered downstairs, avoid looking upstairs - check
6. ahead of the game, one beautiful item made, lavender linen square, reasonably pleased with result - check
7. paperwork looming ahead of me like a large looming thing - check

all things considered not a bad start to day two
the shop is actually open so i feel like a good shopkeeper today, even though i am not actually there i am standing by........

we are almost at signing contracts stage with our house move, the search for rented accommodation continues
did i mention that i have decided that living in a mobile home with the cats chasing the rabbits and the dogs chasing the cats for 6 months is off the cards?
it suddenly dawned on me what a nasty idea it was - now i have nothing against living in a mobile home, the romantic idea of sitting outside on a summers evening was and still is tempting, it was just the other nagging thought of nowhere to sew and polish builders arriving on site before i look halfway human!

so a sweet rented house is what we need, one which we can store all our furniture in, make in to a home and above all else keep dry and warm under
i know Stephen thinks we will be in our newly built house by the end of November, and i do WANT to believe him - i just cannot believe him 100%

time will tell

just a few pictures of my garden today - it is so small but perfectly formed - unlike me
and just in case you think i am organized and on top of things.......

think again

yep - that's our bath in the garden
did i mention that we are going green?

see you on day 3
have a great day 2

T x


Nonnie said...

Oh I really don't blame you for wanting to rent rather than live in a caravan. A caravan sounds rather romantic, particularly in the summer, but I think having space and somewhere that at least temporarily feels like home, will make the whole process of moving and building a new place a lot easier to deal with.

Ragged Roses said...

Day two and your on schedule - congratulations! Good idea to rent somewhere, winter might not be much fun and somewhere rented will feel more like home. Love the bath, is it going with you. We had one in our last house and I miss it so much!
Kim x

Jane said...

I'm certainly with you on the mobile home thing - some people seem to thrive on small spaces, not me. I grew up in a ridiculously large house and have felt squashed ever since.

When do you move up? - we are almost constant daylight here at the moment in the central belt - it must be total night free in Thurso,


Suzie Sews said...

Congratulation for being on schedule, hope it continues. All the best.
Suzie Sews

Liz said...

Will your shop be open on June 16th? I badly want to see it before you move away.

blueberry hill said...

Wow, a busy day so far. Sounds like you deserve a cup of tea and a wee snooze now!

Clare said...

I can quite understand you preferring a house to a caravan. It does have its romance but there's the stark reality of being rather cramped and boiling when it's hot and freezing when it's cold!

Gigibird said...

I still think you should get your hair sorted out....mobile homes are for old people to live in with very few possessions.
Houses on Grand Designs never get finished on schedule.....is your husband generally optimistic?

dottie angel said...

what you need is an airstream trailer...

Rowan said...

Lovely set of photos both today and on Day 1 - I love the one of Bean cuddled up on the duvet. I'd be for renting somewhere too, my friend J spent all last summer in a caravan while they renovated their cottage and had fun but it was a lovely summer. Not so much fun in November I don't think. Being a routine person myself I thoroughly approve of your new regime of 'organized living' :) Having to keep reporting progress on your blog should help keep you on the straight and znarrow too.

Isobel said...

I agree with Nonnie. I would also prefer to rent a small house. Something a bit more solid.
Hey, you can make a nice plant bed with your bath in the garden. I have seen some and they looked rather nice. :)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Your tub!!! Looks like my childhood tub that my parents "rescued" for me when they sold the family homestead! It is waiting patiently for me in our cellar while we work on plans for a future (larger) home. Yours looks much nicer in the garden than mine does in the cellar!