Wednesday, 6 June 2007

day three - the one with no order whatsoever......

opened my eyes this morning and just knew that today would not be a day of order and organisation.
it is after all 2pm and i am just writing my post for the day - the rest of the checklist is not even worth going through.

i should never have stayed awake to watch HEX - has anyone else seen this??
we have borrowed the box set of DVDs from our friends - aka blockbusters of Hawkhurst - and i have to say it is the most awful and bizarre programme i have ever seen........
so awful and bizarre that i am hooked.

so lack of sleep due to watching too many fallen angels and demons (i kid you not), way too much chocolate and coffee = a very sluggish me.

i have in fact achieved nothing today, no cleaning, sewing, packing or paperwork - perhaps Wednesdays should be my day off from now on...
or i should take my lazy backside off for a dog walk and come back and just get on with things.
yep that's what i shall do - but before i go

a quick picture to prove that i did turn out some work yesterday - new linen squares and a boat heart for a commission order

also commissioned, a lavender house for a really nice sounding lady

so good yesterday - bad today
even Talulla Whippet has a strange look in her eye today!

and i cannot start to explain why Bean's nose is so bendy

or why - today - she thinks she is Elvis......

heck - day three is one i would rather forget
roll on day four

see you on the other side



BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh that bendy nose looks so cute! I love your lavender house! I had one of those days recently... hubby and I stayed up much too late watching a show on TV, and boy did we regret it the next day when we had to work! heehee

Love Honor Disobey said...

I absolutely love cute and funny dog pictures. The bendy nose picture really made me chuckle...thanks for sharing them. I shall post some funny pics of my crazy Jack Russell one of these days.

Gigibird said...

I think having the odd day when nothing much happens is fine, especially after a very late night of TV watching; that's the trouble when you have DVD's of a whole series of something you just can't help but keep watching episode after episode. My brother watched '24' for a whole weekend!

dottie angel said...

you make me laugh! those pictures are the best i've seen for a long time on any blog!!! i am totally giggling to myself as i type this...

the flour loft said...

Hi Tracy,
Love the theory of the daily checklist.. thought about this one myself... i tend to write lists and then beat myself up if i don't stick to them.
We all need blobby days like this without feeling guilty about wasting time. Give your self permission to blob and have a regular 'day off wednesday'.
love the little house and Bean's bendy nose!

Liz said...

The little lavender house is beautiful. We have a greyhound and quite often wake to him lying on his back how your dog is - it's quite a sight isn't it!