Monday, 4 June 2007

The week that i try to put some order amongst the chaos

my life is a mess
my house is a mess
my shop is a mess
even my hair is a mess.........

so..... i got out of my lazy bed this morning and thought (to myself as everyone else in the house has stopped listening to the ramblings of a mad woman)
i have to put some order back in to my life
i shall start by explaining why i am behaving as i am.

i have never since the age of 15 had so much time not working - you see dear readers i have become a lazy shop keeper, to be honest i can hardly call myself a shopkeeper anymore as the wretched place is never open!
i wonder if it has just run it's course and i have just had enough (this is the option i keep repeating to myself so that i will eventually believe it)
or the fact that i am avoiding it like you would avoid the local loon, because then i do not have to imagine it not being part of my life anymore.

heck......who knows
but what i do know is that my house (and hair) has suffered with me being at home more, i flit from one job to the next, never actually finishing anything and thus achieving nothing.

well no more
from today i shall have a routine
1. wake
2. coffee
3. animals
4. blog
4a. paperwork for shop/website etc
5. tidy house
6. make beautiful things

and you lot - yes you
are the important part that will hold this list together - see number 4 - well that's the integeral part of my cunning plan
i figure that if i post every day it will encourage me to keep the house tidy, make things, do things that are interesting to other folk..... you know- generally be more normal.

i mean.... look at my poor Bella Boo sitting by the tower of apple boxes containing a tiny amount of my vintage china
even Bean looks as if she is about to pack her batman rucksack and hitch a ride back to Bristol
i swear it is only the comfort of the eiderdowns that is keeping her here at the moment.....
oh - that and the disgusting dreid fish skins the two girls have for breakfast each day (highly recommended to achieve a glossy coat)

i have open boxes in each room that i fill as and when i pass them, so every room in the house is a mess
the only corner that i refuse to touch is this one

it's nice to have something to look at that has some of my most treasured things on
can you see those dogs
remember them xx

and when it gets all to much i stop and smell the roses
here is the first one from our garden

see you all tomorrow
if you can stand the ramblings of a woman obsessed with packing

T x


Suzie Sews said...

Happy packing:-)
Suzie Sews

Krawuggl said...

I am so much with you, it was the same mess with me when I closed my shop and started to stay at home for the first time after so many years. Hope you´ll soon get into your new daily routine, I like your blog alot, so many things you are talking about seem so familiar to me. (I was a lurker for some time, but now I thought it would be better and more friendly to say "Hello!")
You have a lot of very nice things on your list, so I hope you will manage to stay with it (especially the blogging).
Best wishes from Germany,

Nonnie said...

I think the list is a very good idea. I think I need to write one as I feel I'm not achieving a great deal at the moment. The 'making beautiful things' and 'blog' would be good ones for me as they have been distinctly lacking lately.
I'm sure it is much more than the comfort of the eiderdowns that is keeping Bean with you. Very cute picture though.

Rose Vintage said...

Lists are good, they help focus the mind. Your heart is already in Scotland which is why it's so hard right now..I always feel the same when we move! Still wont be long now...Hope to get to see you and collect my cup and saucer before you go...
Love the Bean picture...

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Oh good luck with the packing. Maybe you're mind has just moved on to Scotland - which is a good thing! It'll all come together soon enough. Hope you stick to your very clever plan!
Kim x

Miles Away In France said...

Good luck sticking with your plan.
I have done a similar thing myself over the weekend. I have written in a diary all the things that I want to achieve over the next week.
Today I still have 2 things not crossed off but I have achieved a lot more than I would normaly.

Take care
Racheal x

Gigibird said...

Book an appointment with the hairdresser and get your hair sorted out. Decide to do a few regular hours in the shop so your old loyal customers to be able to buy the last Cupcake goodies before you go to Scotland.
Blogging is very insular - don't do it too much! As flattered as we your fellow bloggers must surely be, 'real'people are much better for you.

Shropshire Girl said...

Well I enjoy your blog so will be visiting it often and look forward to seeing all the new items!

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Tracy!

That sounds like my day every day, trying to achieve loads, but ending up not really achieving very much! Even with a list! Hey ho!
I'm sure it'll all come together in the end, can't be long until you move now?
take care,
L xx

Min said...

Oh - don't beat yourself up - I think there is always a period of floating about and wondering what is going on before - suddenly it all comes together and you become super productive.

I hope that's where you are at. You just need new focus and inspiration - it will come - just wait.

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Oh my! I could have written this post! Your work and your blog are lovely. :-)

dottie angel said...

don't listen to gigibird, keep posting or i will be lonely in my cyber world...and just so you know i think the hair is the first thing you let go of, then you realize that you neglect your chipped toenail polish, further enhanced by half an inch of stubble on your legs...need i say more. i'll be back tomorrow to check on things...

Isobel said...

I completely understand what you are going through and that happens to me everytime we move or have something big going on. The routine turns into a mess.
Hope you get into the new routine soon.

blueberry hill said...

I think this is one of the dangers of working from home - doing lots of little half-jobs and feeling you have achieved nothing but it's also one of the nice things as part of the joy of being your own boss is the choice to take things at your own pace and not be bound so much by what someone else thinks you should be doing. Of course you still have to be productive or else you stop earning, but that aside...!!!

ancient one said...

I'm not packing to go anywhere, but I could have written this blog about not getting anything accomplished. I need a list, too!! I will be back to visit. I like this blog!!