Wednesday, 13 June 2007

akkkk - run out of batteries

if today you have popped by to see pictures of lovely things then please do not go on any further
there isn't any.......

the batteries have died in my camera and i just cannot walk up to the garage and share a tiny part of my evening with the village "hoodies"
(the garage seems to be the place to hang out)

so i thought today would be a great day to introduce you all to a few blogs that i visit but have not (as yet) put on my blog list...... so here goes

vintage heaven
full of pretty things x

sophie honeysuckle
this girls house is so beautiful x


cannot wait to see what happens here.....


always love a visit here - full of inspiration and such cute kiddies in the coolest clothes x

there is a whole heap more
but i don,t want to spoil you..........

see you as soon as the camera has been given the kiss of life

t x


alice c said...

Too many cute pictures of beautiful dogs
= not good for camera.
But very nice for all their fans!

Suzie Sews said...

I hate it when this happens to my camera. Still always good to look at new blogs...
Suzie Sews

Gigibird said...

I have a set of batteries from Jessops - 2 for my camera and another 2 to recharge when the red light goes off. I have found this combo work very well and I think it was only about a tenner.

English Vintage said...

Ta, for your message so glad for other peeps sence of humour, you made me laugh out loud thanks S x

Isobel said...

Thank you, Tracy. In fact I've just finishig customazing a pair of short jeans. Oh how much I missed my sewing machine. ;)

kirsten said...

hey, thanks for the love!
good luck with your camera - mine is on it's last leg. seriously, it has masking tape on it! :)

dottie angel said...

seems to be a pattern emerging batteries have died along with several other technical things round here...thanks for sharing some lovely blogs

julia said...

Thanks for the mention.

The battery thing is a total nightmare. Just as I'm about to get the perfect shot the camera dies, so I scrabble about in the drawer that holds everything (none of it useful) and find one less than I need, so search the entire house, take apart the kids' favourite toys, and then the moment is gone.

Aaaah life's tough!!!

Julia x

Victoria May Plum said...

I've just run out of batteries now! (well not me obviously). It always happens just when you've got something really good to take a picture of.
Oh well, hope you and your girls have a great weekend.
Thanks for entering the competition x
Victoria x

carolyn said...

That is frustrating hate it when the best alid plans go wrong but thanks for the links.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Tracy thanks for the mention-I was just re-reading your blog and came across this post I'd missed! Hope all is well with you x