Saturday, 16 June 2007

kindness amongst the chaos

new batteries installed in camera
then i could not find the lead to download images on to the laptop
oh...... the joy of moving.

life here is becoming just a great big awful mess
we think we have a date for moving

July 19th
just after i turn 35..........

amongst the chaos and sadness and excitement i had a little visitor to the shop ......
unfortunately i was not there - typical.

but look at the bag of goodness and kindness that i found at the end of the day xx

homemade strawberry jam which i had on toast this morning and it was perfect - the right consistency and not to many lumps of fruit - yum, yum, yum!

and how beautiful are these eggs - the mix of colours filled my heart with joy when i opened the box
i am afraid to admit that i have not let Stephen use them - i have enjoyed looking at them so much
but i think they are destined for breakfast tomorrow.

thank you, thank you, thank you Rose Vintage
and if you pop over to her blog you can see the jam being made x

i am still holding strong and not packing the items on my blue dresser in the sitting room.

it will be the last place that i pack - i need a little eye candy amongst the cardboard boxes.

i took this picture of Twigs Pigs - she looks how we all feel at the moment
a little fed up with all the disruption.

one of the joys of having dogs is that when the going gets tough i just bundle them in to the car and drive 5 minutes down the road to the most lovely dog walks.
when you are surrounded by such natural beauty it is hard to think of anything else, the girls run free, chase bunnies, meet doggy friends and swim.
we all come back refreshed

i start packing
the girls just curl up in to a whippet knot

where does one start and the other end........

t x


Love Honor Disobey said...

Boy, when cats get the can REALLY tell! I love the dog pretzel by the way x

Ragged Roses said...

Glad you're not doing the dresser till last. it'll definitely cheer you up! Fresh air, dogs, cats, homemade strawberry jam and beautiful coloured eggs, not a bad weekend!!!
Kim x

picperfic said...

what beautiful eggs and homemade jam!! Barry makes the most delicious strawberry jam with a little balsamic vinegar in, just like Nigella tells him to! Good luck with the packing...I hope to be in the same state sometime this year!

Victoria May Plum said...

A moving date, hooray. How exciting!

How lovely to have little doggie friends to cheer you up, poor kitty is not so cheery though! what a face!

enjoy your jam!
Victoria x

dottie angel said...

i see it all...all the pretty pictures but what i can not get past is you are turning 35...ooooh to be able to post that in a blog. i am off to weep at the number i will be turning is not pretty like 35...

dottie angel said...

i see it all...all the pretty pictures but what i can not get past is you are turning 35...ooooh to be able to post that in a blog. i am off to weep at the number i will be turning is not pretty like 35...

Miles Away In France said...

Hi, I haven't been able to visit for a while because I have had problems with my internet connection.
It was lovely to come and catch up with your life.
The whippets are truly adorable, I love the pictures that you manage to capture.

Your new life sounds so exciting, I look forward to reading more when you finally move.

Racheal x

carolyn said...

Not long now, oh I can only imagine what you are going through a mixture of sadness at departing the place you love and excitment at the achievement of a dream.

Gigibird said...

Homemade strawberry jam - yum yum.

Poor old pussy cat - and they say animals can't talk but they certainly know how to let you know how they beautiful, a whippet knot:)

julia said...

Makes you realise how many nice people still exist when someone does something kind doesn't it? Keep your spirits up about the move, you're going to have a great life up in Sotland.

Julia x

Rose Vintage said...

So glad that you liked the jam and eggs....I love both x
Hopefully you will be able to keep your own chickens once you move, just one of the many things to look forward to....


blueberry hill said...

Fantastic pics of the Whips and Twigs!!

Annie x

Marie said...

Hi Tracy,

What a lovely package of goodies to find! Those eggs are so pretty and I am sure that the strawberry jam was delicious.

Good Luck with the packing - it is an enormous undertaking, but you are wise to start early and avoid a last-minute rush. (So speaks the voice of experience as one who has moved trans-atlantic twice in ten years!)

Marie x

julie said...

A birthday and a moving date - you're certainly not going to have a dull July! I'm glad your dresser is still intact - it looks so gorgeous with the peonies (?) in the jug. Lovely picture of the yummy jam and eggs that you received - lucky you, I'd be loathe to break those eggs too! It's good to see the girls making the most of snuggle time - all those wonderful walks obviously tire them out, for a while at least!

Suzie Sews said...

You must be really excited. Lovely pictures the last one is extra special. 35...lovely birthday age.
Suzie Sews

Liz said...

Oh, those eggs are tremendous. Makes me a little unsatisfied with the sad, undersized, white ones at my local grocery/superstore. Your dogs are precious too...

Clare said...

What a lucky dog you are Tallula, and what a lovely cake!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! you share it with my daughter Martha who is a BIG 7 today!
Keep up the good work..we love reading all your news x


saraeden said...

good luck with the big move and an early happy birthday ... we make the big move to Cornwall next summer just after me turning the big 40 !!!!!