Tuesday, 12 June 2007

a trip out - nowhere exciting ..............but out

today i escaped the village - not to go anywhere exciting but away from the house, the packing and everything else.
it is important to me just to step away occasionally and today's outing arrived at a good time.
Stephen's lovely mum looked after the shop for me, Stephen walked the hounds and i went off with my dearest most special friend A x

o.k - to be truthful it started as not really a day trip as A x had an appointment at the hospital for an X-ray so i went along to keep her company.

i sat and waited for A x to put on her gown, have her X-ray, and while i waited i passed the time by people watching

the range of people that pass by in front of you in the space of 20 mins is fascinating.
i could have stayed longer!

but as we are girls and the rest of the day was ours we took ourselves off for a spot of clothes shopping.
2 pairs of linen trousers
1 linen skirt
1 pretty top
period living magazine
2 jars of cadbury;s chocolate spread
i think i did well.

we now have a provisional date for moving - the buyers are currently renting and there notice will run out 3rd week of July.
i feel i now have time to breathe - packing of the house is organized, the shop however is a different story (i had a little visitor today at my shop - but more about that tomorrow x)
so i must pull myself together and start the ENORMOUS sale

this is a picture of part of my little garden that i am leaving behind

and this is how i left the girls this morning - saving space on the dog sofa for the next whippet......
yes - the next whippy is already deeply installed in my heart, she has a name and quite clearly a spot on the sofa.

but girls aside and moving on from what is being left behind (the house not the whippets!) - this is a sneaky peek at the life we are moving to...

this will be our view each and every day forever.....

when i see these pictures i almost cannot believe that we are going to build on it - it is just so beautiful just as it is......

and to make you all realise why a third whippet HAS to happen i thought i would leave you with a picture of Talulla at 9 weeks old

eeekkk - i don't think i can stop at just three
maybe i could squeeze four on to the sofa?

back soon

t x


Marie said...

Hi Tracy,

Isn't people-watching fascinating? Since I have my market stall, I spend half my day just watching people coming and going.

Your girlie day out sounds fun and Tallula is so cute! Maybe you could squeeze four on that sofa!

Marie x

julia said...

Doesn't that dog go so well with the cushions - why stop at four, just buy a bigger sofa!

The view is to die for, you'll be so happy up there

Julia x

Gigibird said...

People watching is wonderful isn't it?

Harry is allowed on the sofas, the only rule is he isn't allowed to stand up on them.

It's great having a girly day at the shops, I'm sure it did you both the world of good:)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Your new view is breathtaking! And as for whippets, I think you should buy yet another sofa and keep adding to the brood! =) They have such the sweetest faces!

dottie angel said...

i did notice the breathtakinf view and i saw the beautiful doggies but what i really focused on was the two jars of chocolate spread...

dottie angel said...

see i was so excited about them, i can't spell anymore..

Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful spot you're moving to and with all that room, surely there will be room for 2 dog sofas ....! Glad you managed to get a day out and shop! Chocolate soread, new clothes and magazine what more could a girl want?
Kim x

Nonnie said...

Wow Tracy, your soon to be new view is totally amazing! I know it must be hard to leave your lovely cottage and pretty garden but to know that is where you are going must make it ok. It looks really stunning. I'm looking forward even more now to seeing what you do with it.

I say definitely room for at least one more whippet. Especially if they're as cute as Talulla and Bean.

blueberry hill said...

OH.MY.WORD!!!! That sea view is totally fabulous!!! I would give up all my shoes for that.
Lovely whippet pics as ever, so cute!
Also your garden is adorable, hard to leave behind, no matter how nice the new prospects are.
Enjoy the jars of chocolate - your day sounds perfect!
Annie x

Anonymous said...

Oh, what I would give to have a view like that every day.

Mary D in Texas

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Tracy,
Wow what a beautiful view, very inspiring. I can just see you now. On sunny days with the french windows open and you sewing away the day.
And on winter nights, your little log burner and the girls at your feet to keep you warm and cosy as you knit out another lot of lovely little treasures for us all to see.

Cant wait to see the house and studio as it grows into your lovely new home. I enjoy reading your post everyday, feels like you've grown into a very close freind, even though we've only met a couple of times. I hope to be part of your favourite people someday.

Look forward to seeing you soon, I'll try to pop over and say goodbye before you leave. And grab a couple more bargins from the shop.
Catherine x

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Tracy,

Your view looks amazing, your going to love it up there! Just think of all those trips to Orkney! We had hoped to go this year but we're heading to the Western Isles instead, hopefully next summer, we could pop in for a cuppa and a blether!

Your girlie day sounded perfect, I could do with one of those! And 2 jars of choc spread, mmmmmmmmmm!!

Tallula and Bean most definitely deserve another friend, perhaps a larger sofa is in order.......

take care,

L xx

Love Honor Disobey said...

You are so lucky to live in Kent by the sea. My partner is from Kent but we live inland in musty old London. My dream is to someday own one of those really nice beach huts in Whitstable (my partner is kicking himself now for not getting one back in the 90s when they couldn't give them away!)

Thanks for such a great blog and great dog pics...I looove dog pics!

julie said...

The view from your new plot is so gorgeous - you are going to have such an amazing life up there! And as for more doggies, well sounds like a fine plan to me!