Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Thank you

You guys have made me feel so much better xx

Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

I awoke today feeling a little better about the whole moving on thing, partly because at 9pm last night Stephen came downstairs and announced that we now own a pig.

Yes - a pig.

Now, i am not the kind of girlfriend who would try and change a chap and his quirky ways but give me a break here!!!!
Basically our land is being sold to us from a fantastic family who have given us such an opportunity, a family who we already feel are so important to us as friends, a family who we cannot wait to see everyday.
This family has the pig.
Or they did until Stephen got an email from them saying the pig is for the chop, Stephen of course immediately responded by saying "don't kill the pig - we will have it."

So no doubt we will drive up with all our worldly goods in the back of our luton van and the sight we will see as we pull into our new land, new life is.......

6 green and lush acres with a pig sitting in it.

Ah well - what can you do??
I am sure the pig will become a very important member of our family. He will always be grateful to have been taken in by a vegetarian household. He will live to be a very old pig indeed.

The worry is as Stephen left this morning to take yet another pile of bags to the charity shop, he left me with the comment of ......

Of course every pig needs a pal.
The pig saga will continue.

The picture below shows the reaction the ripple blanket has caused here at home.

Bean clearly is not impressed that so much of my evening yesterday was spent rippling.
She took matters in to her own paws!!!!

As you can see she is feeling better - she had a visit to a doggy chiropractor yesterday which has made a huge difference to her.
Money very well spent.

Enjoy your day

T x


Primrose Hill said...

Ooh a pig, how exciting, your smallholding days begin! What type of pig is he/she? Will definitely need a friend, there's a great rare breeds sale on in Inverurie - I'm going in May but it's on again in September, will you be up here by then? Great place to buy chooks from too!
When we moved up here we inherited a chicken with the house, she was my best friend for that first summer here, she ate out of my hand and followed me around the garden! We called her "henny Penny" very original! Sadly we lost her to the fox last winter, but she was a good age and had had a very good life.
You'll love it up here (well a good bit further north from me actually!).
L x

julie said...

Glad to find you feeling a little better. I really feel for you being uprooted from such an idyllic home, it will be such an upheaval but also such an exciting time, the beginning of a grand adventure. And you have a piggy to welcome you! I've always had a soft spot for pigs - very intelligent lovely creatures. What with Rebecca the Irishcraftworker that now makes 2 of my favourite bloggers who are now pig owners so I'm quite jealous! Glad Bean is on the mend too. Take care and don't rush your grieving for your little cottage x

Anonymous said...

I just have to say thank you for the picture of Bean. When I scrolled down and saw it I had to laugh out loud because I have seen the same scene at my own home many, many times. Got to love 'em.

Mary D. in Texas

Isobel said...

Hi Tracy,
Wow, a pig! That is a wonderful thing that your boyfriend did. Honestly I'm not a vegetarian but would react the same way. If I was a animal farmer I would go bankrupt so really quickly. :)

Ragged Roses said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better today. It only took one pig to make all the difference! Relieved as a fellow vegetarian that he'll be staying around and keeping you company too! Bean looks very pleased with herself - she must be on the mend!
Kim x

Angel Jem said...

I know what I would say if my husband/boyfriend came in and told me that... and it probably wouldn't be printable!
But thank you very much for the information, I now have a mental picture of a pig in a bowler hat & waistcoat waiting patiently while puffing on a pipe & leaning on a fence as you & your entourage move in before he lazily asks, "I say, old lady, any chance of a snifter before tiffin?"
Give him a proper name like Lord Dabblesworth (although he's really a duck) or the Right Hon Percy Snoughtworthy-Grunt. Or is that too Wodehouse?

It's a shame you're vegetarian, or you could have called him Christmas Dinner. (sorry)

Gigibird said...

it's well known that cats love a ball of wool, but Harry my springer is prone to 'killing' balls of wool if he gets hold of them especially if it's chunky.
Pigs are meant to be as intelligent as dogs.....

Vintage to Victorian said...

You lucky girl - a pig to call your own. Well, not "Your Own" as his name, but you know what I mean! Two of my cousins have kept pigs in recent years and I used to love helping my grandfather feed his. They are incredibly intelligent and once he gets to know you he'll come to your call, and probably follow you around. I've watched my cousin get hers to roll over so she can tickle their armpits (I know they don't have arms, but their front legs - same thing!). You'll have such fun. I wonder what Bean and Tallulah will think of him.

carolyn said...

A pig! That is soo wonderful, they make wonderful pets, I think I may just be a little jealous.

claire said...

Oh, how I laughed when I heard your pig news! Seriously tho, I think I would have done the same. And I'm veggie too!