Monday, 16 April 2007

Decision made, Tears and Rippling!!!

Funny sort of day .....
We signed our agreement with the estate agents today - price of house settled on, measurements tomorrow, photos in a few days - on the market Saturday.

I cried

If we could afford to keep this house and rent it out we would - it means that much to us.
However this is not to be - the dream in Scotland will take every penny we can gather. I will pull myself together in a few days, perhaps when i know who will be living in my little cottage i will feel better.


This is my sweet workroom / rabbit house just seen through a wonderful tree of blossom x

Our garden here is small, secret and magical - i will photograph it more later this week - give you all a guided tour - it will not take long!

We will be leaving it behind for nearly 6 acres - a huge difference!

Anyway - through the misery of today i also came across this rather intriguing and beautiful pile of postcards. I must have tucked them away years ago without really taking the time to read through. A large amount are written in French so i will have to pass these on to my friend to translate, but they are full of history - someone has taken the time to collect and save these as there own precious memories. They have a story to tell - a story that is not mine - i am just the lucky person that is trusted with them for now.

To cheer myself i took a trip to the craft shop to decide and purchase the yarn for my next big project.

Yep..... i have been bitten by the ripple blanket bug!!!
Everywhere i look blankets are growing and growing and some are even in situ - finished.
They are a thing of beauty!
Take a look over at Posie gets Cozy - her blanket takes my breath away.
I have to have one - however long it takes - however much it costs - however sore my hands become!!!

So i shall start tonight and keep you updated.

Bean would like to say thank you for all your well wishes - she is still on lead walks and as you can see from the picture below is still nursing a few wounds.....

But today she enjoyed a little vanilla ice cream - so life is not to bad xx

See you all soon

T x


leabertdot said...

Hi Tracey, i can relate to what your saying. My little family are leaving our cosy secure nest, to live on a small holding.Even though its only 6 mins away i feel as though it could be another country.Excitement,regret,fear of the unknown,joy sadness im all over the place! You can probably tell from my ramblings. But what i really want to say is that nothing ventured nothing gained.I'm sure we will both look back in a years time and be glad we had the courage to take the plunge.Good luck x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

It looks like there is a bit of a smile on your sweet pup's face! Glad to hear she is on the mend!

Moving to 6 acres in Scotland sounds wonderfully exciting! But I can see why you are a bit sad to leave behind your sweet cottage. I am sure once you move, you will come to love it just as much as your present home. I had a hard time moving to Cape Cod, having grown up just outside Boston. I missed the city terribly, but I acclimated in no time at all to life here on the Cape. =)

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Tracy. Poor Bean, I hope she gets better soon - ice cream is the best healer!
You will feel so much better once you have moved into your new cottage, there will be so much to do, that you will forget about the old place! (I ripped up 4 carpets today!!)
Your little garden does look enchanting at the moment.
Keep us updated with the move...
Victoria x

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Tracy, I know exactly how you feel! Signing the papers makes it all feel real! I cried loads when it happened to us, we left our home of 17 years and moved to our new home year and half ago. There is such a tug on your emotions but the excitement of your new home will soon take over! think of all those new projects you can start - there'll be no time for blanket-making! (only joking). Glad to hear Bean's on the mend too.
Kim x

rach said...

It's a wrench but I'm sure you'll be so busy at your big new place you'll soon be ok.

Good luck with the blanket construction. A new house means lots of excuses for redecoration and accessorising, so get going!

Jo said...

You have some ice cream too, to cheer you up. It's hard deciding to sell, even when you know you are moving somewhere fantastic because of all the memories we build up in the fabric of our homes.

Jane said...

I'm fortunate in that I have never left somewhere that I miss. I would dread having to leave here though. You are embarking on a big adventure & that must be scary.

I like the postcards. I have a set of saucy postacards written by a soldier in WW1 to his wife. They all have comments on them like "Nice legs but not as nice as . . . "

Keep chipper,

Joanna said...

Hope Bean feels much better. Its so horrid leaving a house when you love it. I have moved so often and I hate it. I keep thinking when I'm digging my garden, how long will i be seeing the flowers in it before we move. Hopefully not for a very long time. I thinking renting somewhere out that you love could be worse, the tennents just won't take as much care as you would. Things willl be so excting in Scotland your new house will soon be home. When we took our things our of our last home it soon did not feel like home and the new place did. Good luck with the sale.

Angel Jem said...

Good luck with the rippling!

Also, it is a sadness to leave a place one has loved. Think of it as a bereavement, which it is because you're losing something that has been such a big part of your life, and give yourself time to grieve. Keep the happy memeories & then turn towards the new... that is the good part of house moving, that there is a new.Don't be surprised if you find yourself grieveing for the old place after you move, especially if it's a doer-upper, just cut yourself some slack & get onto the net 7 share your stress! We'll be here to help!

Gigibird said...

I miss my old house very much, cried like a baby when I left it and I think that is perfectly natural. You need to focus on what is ahead and remember why you have both decided to move.
I know I sound hard but I am right!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Tracy, It's always a wrench leaving a loved home. Each of our homes has become a dream home, but for various reasons we have moved on after 4 or 5 years. Each time I've hated the thought of leaving, but once we've arrived at our new home it doesn't take long for it to take on its own special personality.

We moved here last July. Hopefully I'll be able to start on the garden soon - and we still need loads of bookshelves, too.

I love the photo of your workroom - one for me is at the top of my priority list but I'm not sure how long I shall have to wait!

Happy packing, and I'm so pleased Bean is improving.

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Tracy,
I know how you feel, I cried the day I knew I could no longer go back to our old house as I was so distraught when we first moved up here, the place was a stinking tip! I wouldn't swap it for the world now!
Just think of all the new adventures you'll be having soon.
Glad Bean is on the mend.
L x

Nonnie said...

I can really relate to how you're feeling. If you're someone who loves their home it is so easy to become attached to somewhere. But your new life in Scotland sounds so exciting. All that land to play with! I'm sure it is all going to go very well and you will have somewhere new to create. You'll always have happy memories of the home you're leaving but you'll have lots of new ones to make.
So glad to hear that little Bean is lots better. I'm sure the vanilla ice-cream is really helping!