Thursday, 19 April 2007

Loving the Ripple

Love, love, love the ripple!!
I have not enjoyed making something as much as this for a long time - the joy of carrying round a ball of yarn and an ever growing blanket, picking it up as and when - lovely x

I shall probably make nothing else for quite a while so i thought i would show you a blue version of my Button Cushion
It will be over at my Etsy shop in a few minutes!

Now i have a little confession today - when i feel sad i buy either vintage eiderdowns, china, fabric or.......

Look what the postman dropped off at my door today.

Stephen is so glad that i am feeling happier!!

T x


Min said...

I'm glad you are feeling happier. Moving, especially from a house you love is always hard. But think, it's cold in Scotland, you'll be able to sit under your ripple rug and remember your last home.

The cold will inspire lots of new ideas and all the books will help!

Ragged Roses said...

Glad that the blanket is coming along - is Bean still at the end of it? It's great to get new books - all those new ideas. Saw your cushion on Etsy this morning, it looks great! Happy reading
Kim x

Angel Jem said...

Reading is therapy. Know so much what you mean.... but I'm on a book diet at the moment! (shame!)

Rowan said...

Books always make me feel better too:) I'm sorry to read about Bean's misadventures and glad she is feeling better. I wonder what she and Tallula will make of the pig?:):)
My very first car was a little beige Ford Anglia, I had it for years until it had to go to the big garage in the sky.

Gigibird said...

That seaide gdening books looks very interesting:)
At last a ripple blanket that doesn't look gaudy!!
Please can we have more pussy cat photos??

Rose Vintage said...

There is something so addictive about making ripple blankets! I have one on the go at the moment! Just read the post about the pig, does the pig have a name? So glad you are feeling happier as well..

Have a good weekend



Jane said...

I'm glad you are back on the up. The blues are all lovely.

I was thinking the other day that I haven't knitted or crocheted anything for ages. Your comment about carrying your blanket around reminded me of when I was a teenager and had a holiday job as a warden/keeper of a small local museum.
I would do my rounds of the various rooms with balls of wool in my pockets knitting jumpers on circular needles.
Once I knitted a large flared coat in blues and purples(worn twice, still in the drawer under my bed) but soon it became too heavy to knit on the go. Your blanket will get that way soon. happy rippling.


Victoria May Plum said...

I am so happy that you are feeling better. It is great to get stuck into something, especially when it is so pretty - and yet so useful! Roll on winter (or a cold summers evening on the beach).
Victoria xx

Jo said...

I love buying books as a pick me up, looks like you have some great inspiration there after the postman staggered to your door!
Blues and browns are my fav colour combination so I'm loving the ripple

Sew Recycled! said...

Books are the best ever remedy to cheering oneself! I also reach for my trusty copies of Country Living.
I am getting more and more jealous of you move - soooo exciting!

sal said...

Books in the post are just fab, I've got the stitch and bitch one's and they're full of ideas and one skein crops up at knitting group a lot, I got really excited today when my knitted flowers book arrived - must post about it! Scotland got a bit chilly today but I still prefer cold Scottish days to English ones, they're not miserable up here they're romantic, inspiring, uplifting, full of picturesque views - I know it sounds a bit odd but you'll 'get it' soon!

cherry menlove said...

Ahhh, books. I have an ever growing list myself. And of course the day that they arrive everything stops until I have had a good rumage through them.

Cherry xx