Saturday, 7 April 2007

Hope you are having a lovely time!

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter break and enjoying some warm weather x

We certainly are here in Kent - lots of lazy breakfasts and walks in our lovely countryside.
This is a fantastic castle that we are so lucky to live near - yesterday evening we took the girls out for an early evening stroll along the river and watched a hot air balloon being filled and launched.

It was a truly wonderful, typically English sight but..........

It absolutely terrified Talulla Whippet!!
She spent the rest of the walk looking behind her - even when the balloon was just a dot in the sky!
Due to the virtual complete relaxation this weekend (even stopped packing!!)
I have to apologise if you have visited the Cupcake Website and expected to find my new birds that i mentioned in my previous post - they will be for sale very soon - maybe even today - but i am thinking of putting them on my Etsy site and perhaps running it separately to my Website.
I have to have a set P&P charge on my website and i often feel that folk who only want one item may be put off by having to pay the same postage charge as folk who order a bigger quantity. Soooooo...... i thought if i have an Etsy shop i could offer fellow bloggers (yes you guys xx) FREE P&P.

Sounds good to me.

Also due to me having turned in to a COMPLETE SLACKER - the promise of the new Pottery range that i merrily mention on the front page of my website has yet to make an actual appearance. Well here is a peek.....

Simply gorgeous.........

And will be on the website later today - i promise!!

Have fun in the sun

T x


nel said...

I love your gorgeous dogs...and that new pottery looks just beautiful! Have a wonderful Easter. Nel

Ragged Roses said...

Happy Easter to you, lovely weather to be out isn't it? I'll keep my eyes open for the birds!
Kim x

Sal said...

that's a very cute chicken! a friend at knitting group told me about your blog - apparently you're moving to our part of the world soon (I'm a bit North of Dundee) all the best with the move it's lovely up here, I moved up from the Midlands about 5 years ago.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Happy Easter to you! Your dogs are so precious! Sorry to hear that one became a little spooked, but she obviously has a sweet, tender soul! =)

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Tracy,
Glad to see you had a good weekend, back to work today! Love the new pottery, the milk carton jugs are really cool!
L x