Monday, 2 April 2007

A change is as good as a holiday.

Ahhhhh....... the start of another beeyooootiful week.
The sun is shining here in Kent, the windows of the cottage are open, the cats are basking in the sunshine and Binks the rabbit is all frisky and bouncy and happy.

Life is good.

The weekend was a blur of cleaning, packing, eating, drinking and laughing - pretty good.

I managed to sit in the shop on Saturday and make a few of these new birds.
These are the items that made me decide on the name of today,s post - i have never before been attracted to these fabric colours.
I am a farrow and ball, muted seaside kinda gal - but i have to say it made a nice change.

They will be flying over to the website later today x

Also on Saturday - my lovely Soap-maker friend Donna sent me a package of these little chaps....
All natural, all incredibly cute...... chick soaps xxx
They will be tweeting there way over to the website later as well - except one which must stay here at home with me!!

Can i share a horror picture with you - it will make all you hoarders feel soooooo much better.

This HUGE pile of bags below is Linen that i have taken out of a cupboard - it is my collection of Vintage tablecloths and napkins and cushion covers etc.
All in all i must have filled 20 - yes 20!!!! bags with JUST Linen!!!
I have not even started on the bedding yet -......

See - i have a problem - i buy and buy and say "its for the shop" .
I get it home - wash, iron and........ put it in the Linen cupboard!!!!
I am officially the worlds worst shopkeeper - lucky its coming to an end really!

I shall leave you today with Priscilla.........

"Hey lady ....... don't forget to pack me"

What will they think of us in Scotland??????

T x


Ragged Roses said...

They'll love you in Scotland. How many bags of linen! The birds are beautiful and suit those colours - are you selling them? Priscilla looks eager to get to her new home too. Weather gorgeous here in Sussex, my little one is on the mend so we're going to visit a farm today! Glad you had a good weekend.
Kim x

Nonnie said...

Oh you've made me feel so much better with your bags of linen. I'm just in the process of re-organising all mine and I thought I was bad enough but I have a fraction of what you've got. I'm intrigued by the bags you have the linen in. They look like bin bags but I've never seen such glamorous bin bags!?

Tracy said...

Hi Kim and Fiona - i know the amount of linen i have is bad!!!
As for the bin bags - they were part of a range that we had in the shop, bin bags, brooms, dustpan and brush - all in black and blue. I had some boxes left that i thought would be perfect for packing - we will not throw them out by mistake!
Hope you are both enjoying the sunshine x
Tracy x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh my goodness! Shall I take some of your lovely linens off your hands?! heehee I thought I was a hoarder... I too collect "to sell" - HA! =) Love the chick soaps!!!

Jo said...

How posh are your bin bags!!As befits a lovely linen collection of course.

Mirre said...

Wow, that's a serious stash of linens!!
Love those cute little birds :)

Conni Lu said...

Linens are a wonderful thing to collect! I am sure that packing for the move is challenging and tiring but when you get moved you will have everything ready to organize and start out fresh again. I hope you have some great weather!

Manda said...

Hah! Have you seen my post today? How strange that we should both be called by the bags of linen's!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Bags of linen? How come yours fit in your house and I have to rent a storage unit to keep mine in - and it's all linen to sell!!!! Hmmm! I wonder how many tons of linen we have between us!

Clare said...

Hi Tracy, yes, I think we all hoard something don't we? With me it's all sorts of old fabrics! Sounds as if you are in the middle of a really busy time - yet still enough energy to create things! Enjoy your Easter! Clare x

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Tracy,
You'll be warmly welcomed up here in Bonny Scotland! Even with all your bags of linen! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who hoards fabric!
L x

Isobel said...

Hi Tracy,
Indeed yesterday was a beautiful day.
Wow, how many lovely bags of linen! And I need to agree with Fiona, they are so glamorous!
And I'm absolutely sure you will be very loved in Scotland. :)
Take Care. x

Angel Jem said...

Yo sister! You have one serious stash of linen! I do really love those little birds and (not to sell) hope you don't mind if I nick the idea for my female birthdays this year (you know, the sisters in law you have to do things for but can't exactly think what!)

Acorn and Will said...

I'm devastated that I missed your shop in Kent, having just moved from there to Wiltshire. I'm new to blogging and love seeing all the pretty things you create, having seen the Primrose Hill blog, I'm sure you'll be happy in Scotland! Jennifer

nel said...

I love your birdies...I bought one similar a few weeks ago and it has pride of place in my study. Very sweet. I am trying so hard to clean out my home...aargh! So glad to see I am not the only hoarder. Have a lovely Easter.

Di said...

Hope that it all fits in your new place!!! I love the bags - the linen inside must be even more amazing!

Here in the NE of Scotland it was 20 degrees yesterday - the warmest place in Britain!! Now that's unusual!!

Donna said...

Ooooh nice bags. Must be the weather we are all tidying up :-)

I think I shall investigate this website of yours. Those soaps are sooo cute!