Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Meet the Girls

An Easter break of sunshine, wayyyyyyy to much chocolate and NO PACKING!
The weather here in Kent has been really warm - regular readers of this blog will know that i do not enjoy really hot sunny days. In fact this weekend has been my perfect temperature, i am hoping the forthcoming move to N.E Scotland will result in Summer days at this temperature and no hotter!

I have enjoyed a break from the packing and the shop which has been closed all over Easter. We have taken the dogs for lots of walks and enjoyed picnics (more food!)
However the bad part of all this goodness (there has to be a bad part) is that......

The Bean is injured.
We went to a forest with friends and their dogs which we do not visit often. The dogs ran and played and paddled in the reservoir and all was well until a movement was noted!!!

They all ran off at great speed and started a mad chase through the thick forest, before we had time to attempt to call them back a family of deer charged passed us, followed of course by our dogs.
My heart was in my throat - Whippets will run and chase with no thought for their own safety. We all knew that it was pointless calling for them as they would all be conviently deaf.

One by one they returned (without any deer!)

Poor Bean arrived back on 3 legs and with a large gash on her tummy.
I am hoping that it is just a sprain or a pulled muscle so she is on Arnica and strict rest.
This is not easy!!!!
Her mind is still raring to go - but her body says no.
We try and sneak Talulla out the door for her walks but Bean is way to clever and does not miss a trick...... one unhappy Whippet.

But it has meant that i have had time to sit and sew whilst Stephen has been out with Talulla and i have stayed at home with Bean.

These are my new girls........

This is Isobel
And Olivia
They will be over in my NEW Etsy shop very soon....... i am just so in love with them that i have to enjoy them for a little longer!!

I shall leave you with Big Eared Beanie.......
As you can see she has had to have one of my very loved eiderdowns as she is so sore .

See you all soon

T x


Ragged Roses said...

Love your girls! Hope Bean gets better soon - have you tried putting some Rescue Remedy in his water - it always works on our cats! Glad you enjoyed Easter!
Kim x

Ragged Roses said...

Sorry - should have said "her" water!

carolyn said...

Oh bless, hope she is soon better.
Re ex battery hens. you can find out all about the rescue process by visiting www.thehenshouse.co.uk

Isobel said...

How sweet are your girls and one with my name!! Can't wait to see them at your shop. Will keep my eyes very open. ;)
Hope Bean gets well soon.

Angel Jem said...

Love the girls.. I'm just in the middle of designing a t-shirt for each of my little stainmakers with an appliqued & embroidered portrait on... I'll post them when I'm done... love the etsy shop!

Hope the Bean is jumping soon!

Felicia said...

Poor doggy! Hope she is better soon. Your little girls are darlin'. They should go quickly in your etsy shop.

Jo said...

Love your girls, they are fab!
Hope Bean is on the mend

rach said...

The girls are really lovely. Olivia looks just like a friend of mine!

Primrose Hill said...

ooh, poor Bean, hope she gets better soon!
L xx

Rose Vintage said...

Hope all's well with your girl. It is so upsetting when they are not right. We have five dogs so know how you feel....usually something to sort out one way or another!

Love the pictures btw...


Gigibird said...

I love the fact Bean has a beautiful paisley eiderdown to lie on........

The 'girl' pictures are lovely by the way.

julie said...

Hope Bean is feeling much better - she certainly landed on her feet with you as her owner - what a wonderful picture of her ladyship reclining - she looks so regal! The new girls are gorgeous - I love their little shoes and, of course, their beautiful dresses - such pretty fabrics and a lovely idea.

Nonnie said...

Oh I am so behind in my blog reading that I hadn't read this until today. Poor Bean. I hope she is feeling a lot better now. I love your little girls. They are so cute. Going for a look at your Etsy shop now.

Beata said...

Love your girls...love their simplicity and freshness!