Tuesday, 20 March 2007


After a week of Sunshine, long dog walks and even eating lunch outside in the garden -we are now back to bleak, bleak, bleak.....

As readers of this blog will know - i am not a hot weather kind of girl, but i have to say the week of warmer weather cheered me up no end, and today, sitting looking out on my poor cottage garden being battered by strong winds and hail stones - YES HAIL STONES!!!!!

It makes me feel a little gloomy.

So i packed up a little more from our house this morning, things that i love to see each day but do not truly need to use over the next few months.
And this little cutie was popped into a tin with other cuties.....

She makes me smile
Who could resist a mouse!!!!!
They are not hand made sadly, but are made by a Danish company. I have been so in love with all the toys this company produces, i even had a page dedicated to them on my website before the Spring overhaul.
They are well made from lovely fabric which is always in the most wonderful muted colours.

Any way - the packing continues and i was over at Posy and i have been inspired by this lovely lady and her blog. Basically she is like the rest of us - cannot resist a magazine!!!!
I have (had!!) a HUGE amount stored in our top bedroom. Stephen used to hope for a leaky roof so he could say " darling - its a complete tragedy - the rain has come through the enormous hole in our roof that i failed to notice, and ALL OF YOUR MAGAZINES ARE RUINED!!!!!

Happily for me this has never happened - i have tended to keep a watchful eye on that darn roof x
But i am aware that i would need a separate lorry to transport them to our new home - so the careful cutting out of images has started.

I am AMAZED........... so few pictures have been worth keeping from so many magazines - these i will put into pretty notebooks (as shown on Posy blog). As for the rest ........ RECYCLED.
The huge amount of adverts is astonishing. A discussion on magazines has been taking place over with Niki at Nostalgia at the Stone House. Lots of folk seem unhappy with Country Living mag - however i have to admit that i was unable to cut into any of my stash of those!!!!!!
Maybe tomorrow?

Another smile item packed is this set.....

Bright red with white hearts - i also have cups and saucers, side plates and dinner plates in this design. They look very 70's to me - does anyone have any more info on this design - i would love to know.

I will end the post today with this little chap .......

Hand knitted and so sweet - he will be over on my website later today looking for a new home xx

Have a good day - stay dry and warm - drink lots of tea and eat cake!

T x


Conni Lu said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. The little mice are cuties. I'm no help about the dishes though, not familiar with the pattern. :D

Ragged Roses said...

Feeling the same about the weather - just getting used to the sunshine! Good luck with all the packing. Love the teddy!
Kim x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

We are having the same weather troubles over here in New England! Just when you start your springtime yardwork, you awaken the next day to snow! But the sun is out today! And I am just now making myself a cup of tea (PG Tips). Your little stuffed animals are precious!

OhSoVintage said...

I love the teddy but couldn't find him on your site. I don't think he'll have to wait long to find a new home. Yes I'll drink lots of tea but the cakes are a no no as I joined Simming World this morning!

Isobel said...

Hi Tracy,
Same sort of weather over here. And I completely understanda bout your mags. I'm the same way. But I'm still a very new reader of these sort of mags so I still can store them here and there but the idea to keep the pics in a notebook is great!
Take care, x

Jo said...

and wont it be lovely to unpack the boxes once the move is made, like finding old friends.
Sunshine here today but hail and sleet last Sunday!

Angel Jem said...

So love the coffe pot & the rest! Can't help with the pattern, but it is gorgeous!
Also, I want to wish you well in your packing. We moved when I was 7 months pregnant & I wasn't up to much packing, but I did unpack. it was like Christmas for a few months every time I opened a box and found something else I thought I'd lost!

claire said...

I'm going to come and visit your shop in the Easter hols but I will have a small boy in tow! groan. He has got used to going in "Mummys shops" and is very well behaved as there is always a promise of a treat for him afterwards (usually chocolate or 50p for the money box)!
We've had hail too, I'm sick of the cold now!
And I can't cut up my CL mags either!

Nonnie said...

What little cuties you are packing! I particularly like your little mouse friend. I've also managed to go through all my magazines in the last couple of weeks. Even my CLs! I was amazed how little I actually cut out in the end compared to the enourmous pile of mags now waiting to go to the recycling bin. I feel really pleased with myself now though and know that I will actually look at the lovely images now they're in lovely note books. Lets hope this weather cheers up a bit. Definitely the weather for lots of tea.

Charlotte said...

I'm afraid its no better up here in Scotland. It was snowing a few days ago And still trying its hardest. Its March for goodness sake. What is happening!? British Summer time is supposed to officially start on Sunday! Mmmmmm. Hope the packing is going well. When do you move? I've been having a spring(!?) clean and my magazines too have had the chop. And the recycling bin is overflowing.
Charlotte x