Friday, 23 March 2007

A Basket of Cuteness xx

What a week!
The house is ALMOST ready to go on the market, i have reduced the shop's opening hours in order to concentrate on the house and my Website and to top it all Stephen may be losing his job.


However he does have another job to go to in Scotland so it has just made the move slightly more important and go, go go!!!

I have been told by Stephen that there is now no chance of me choosing who buys our house.
You see, i had visions of having quite a lot of viewers round, a good few offers and me almost making the prospective buyer fill in a questionnaire!!!

You know the thing.......
Will you love, cherish and regularly clean and service the Aga?
Will you NOT dig up the garden - it is perfectly pretty as it is.
Do you intend on ripping out the original windows and replacing with yucky plastic?

Am i unreasonable?????????

Anyhoo - on to more exciting crafty things.
look what arrived in the post xxxxx

A cute parcel of pups.
Ever since i found Manda over at Treefall i have admired her work hugely. I want (need!) everything she makes to sell on her Etsy shop - but pennies have to be counted and i have restricted myself!
I am however the very proud owner of two of her simply divine Sock Puppies, you can meet my two on previous posts.
This little lot in the basket will be making their grand appearance over at my website later today and will be proudly sitting in my shop window tomorrow!!

They are going to stop traffic!!!

I have also started to pop lots of Vintage items on to the Website. Things that i have held on to because i love them, but i have to downsize at some point and the time is now.

I think this sewing roll is gorgeous. It is the most beautiful mix of muted colours, with some original threads and a little space for needles.

I am also parting with some of my Vintage Teapots.
This one is a really heavy "Sadler" pot.
It holds lots and lots of tea - perfect for a family breakfast table.

And this is a little cutie xx
Off to do yet more sorting and packing - when will it end????
Why have i got so much stuff????

I hope to have time for a little sewing over the weekend, so i will show you my creations be they good or bad over the next few days.
Have a great weekend



Ragged Roses said...

Sorry to hear your news. Still, moving can be exciting without interviewing prospective buyers - if you're so attached to your house, sometimes it's better not to have anything to do with the selling of it.
those teapots are gorgeous!
Hope you get a chance to do some sewing over the weekend!
Kim x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Sorry to learn of your man losing his job. But moving to Scotland sounds like a dream! I think I would be alot like you when we get to the point of selling our home ("now don't remove any shrubs nor flowers... there are bulbs planted near that tree..."). I must check out your online shop! (And that argyle puppy is the sweetest!)

Anonymous said...

Those puppies are soooo cute!!! have had a look on your shop but no pic to see which one is Hamish! I shall have to wait & see!