Saturday, 17 March 2007

Where has this week gone!!!!

I started the week with bunnies....... blinked........ and it is now Saturday!
This week has flown by - i can only apologise for the lack of posts and promise to do better next week!

It has been a funny sort of week, Stephen has had a week off work so we have done lots of painting and clearing in the house. This time next week and our sweet cottage should be on the market.
I still have such mixed feelings about it all - we are finally completing jobs that have sat on a "to - do" list for years!!! And the joy of finally seeing our home become finished is such an emotional thing.

But what has shocked me the most this week is the fact that we have lived with all these things not being done for so long - our stairs have been horrible for as long as i can remember purely because i knew that i did not want carpet but really wanted them painted. Well finally this is being done - i will put the last coat of paint on in the morning and I LOVE IT!!!
When i think of all the years i have been soooo embarrassed when we have visitors, always apologising for the stairs!!!

Its a crazy world we live in.

Anyway, enough of moving talk - instead take a look at these lovely daffodils i purchased for £1 from our local farm shop. I love the fact they are so frilly xx
Its just a shame they have no scent at all - ah well can't have everything!

I have not managed to complete many sewing projects this week due to the paint fumes driving me out of the house at every opportunity - but i did sit and make some bedding for two dolls beds that i have had for a while.

Here is the first.....
Simple rocking crib with a red gingham mattress, spotty pillow, very tasteful throw and a crocheted blanket for the colder evenings - what more could a dolly ask for???

The other cot was smaller, Vintage, duck egg blue and simply gorgeous - which is probably why it sold before i could put it on the shop shelf and take a picture of it!!!!
The bed above also sold later today - so i am very pleased that at least 2 dolls are going to have a comfy nights sleep xx

Talking of comfy - this is Bella Boo in one of her favourite spots. As soon as a basket is emptied she is in it!!
Its a nice basket...... the girl has good taste xx

I shall leave you today with a picture of a cushion that i have made for Stephens Mum -
and what a Mum she is - not only has she given me a guy who i will love forever, she also has shown me such love and care that i will never be able to thank her enough xx

So to all you wonderful Mummies out there - i hope you have a Mothers Day filled with love and joy and spend time with the beautiful children that you have loved and watch grow.

The job of being a Mum is often a challenge (sorry Mum!!) but also an amazing journey filled with ups and downs, and you all deserve to wear a badge saying Best Mum xx

Have a great Sunday whatever you do

T x


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

That is such a darling pillow! And I love the "bed" your kitty has chosen. Our cat loves the wicker laundry basket we have. What is it with kitties and wicker I wonder? One of the kitties I had while growing up loved to sleep in my dollhouse! By the way, the dolly bed you made is SO PRECIOUS!

Ragged Roses said...

What a lovely cushion! The doll's bed was gorgeous too! Don't feel too bad about your house decorating - it took us 18 years to finish our house and we only managed to do it finally before we moved! It's amazing what we live with...
Kim x

cherry menlove said...

How about you get going on a life sized crochet blanket???


Cherry xx

Knot Garden said...

Dolls' beds were my favourite thing to play with when I was little. I used to make them in shoe boxes. Seeing yours brings back nice memories. I wish I could have seen the other one as well!

julie said...

I love visiting your site Tracy - you always have such delicious things to show us! I am so in love with the little dolls bed (loved my dollies when I was little) some little girl and her dolly are very lucky! Those button tail bunnies are wonderful too and the Mother's day pillow is such a special gift. It really must be a mix of emotions finishing all of those to-do-list jobs whilst thinking of the cottage going on the market - I'm sure it will be a wrench to leave it and hope you settle as comfortably in your new home.

Clothmatters said...

Such a beautiful pillow and precious doll bedding.

Conni Lu said...

I just found your blog this weekend. I love the doll bed, it's precious. And the pillow too! I'll be back to see your blog regularly, I've added it to my list. :D

Deb said...

Your little doll's bed with mini granny square afghan is so adorable! The one my daughter had when she was little is in our storage cupboard - just too cute to part with.