Monday, 19 February 2007

The joy of a new (vintage) Teaset

I am soooo easily pleased!!!

I have a wonderful friend who collects and gathers the most wonderful array of Vintage china, linen, kitchenalia and everything else that takes her fancy!
It comes to a point every 3 months or so when she sorts all her treasures out and some things have to go to make room for the new arrivals......
I of course am only to happy to help.

The plan was always to hand over my hard earned pennies to my friend in exchange for such wonderful things and then to put said items for sale in the shop and on my website.

It kind of hasn't happened!!!!
Most of the treasures have migrated to my house including my new tea set xxxxxx

Can you see the little birds????
Isn't it the most beautiful tea set EVER????
It has six cups, saucers and tea plates and a larger cake plate xxx
Of course it must be displayed on my dresser and never ever be used - it is simply tooooo lovely.

Also re-homed this wonderful new kettle for the Aga.
The soft green goes so well with the cream (how am i going to leave my Aga behind when i leave?)
You must think my house is full to the brim, packed from one end to the other, but i also love simple things....
This HUGE heart hangs at the bottom of our stairs. It looks so striking against the whiteness of the wall.
But enough of my home and all that it contains, i have also managed to finish a few items that will go in to the shop and website for sale....

This sweet birdhouse which has been handmade by the friend mentioned above neighbour (does that make any sense!!)
I painted it a soft green with white spots, i then varnished it to give it a little protection.

I then made a cushion in soft linen with a heart made from Vintage Sanderson fabric, it is over on my website now.

All in all a busy start to another week xx
Tomorrow i must concentrate on Mothers Day - hopefully will have pictures of finished projects for you in the next few days.

See you soon


ana rose said...


lucky you to have a friend like that. If she ever gets rid of vintage fabric I would love to know, especially small floral peices.


Lee-ann said...

Hello from Australia,
my gosh you are so lucky the pieces are beautiful and the kettle is to die for! what a find.

I just happened to find your blog page and am so pleased I did as I too enjoy the home filled with vintage but love to live that vintage life in my kitchen.

best wishes to you.

Nonnie said...

Lovely tea set and gorgeous kettle. You are very lucky to have such a friend. I can see why you wouldn't want to sell on these treasures. Acturally, I'm having a little difficulty putting things on my site that I had specifically bought for that purpose. I get too attached to them but I'm going to have to get tough with myself and let them go.

Primrose Hill said...

Love the tea set, I'm looking for old china cups and saucers too just now for another project I've got in mind. That kettle is fab, you'll just have to get an AGA in your new house - it's on my wish list at the moment too!
L x
P.S. the birdhouse is just the cutest!

claire said...

God, how I love that teapot/kettle!

Cherry Menlove said...

That is such a beautiful kettle. God, I love it!!!

carolyn said...

Oh dear I seem to have fallen into the same trap, I have been buying tea sets hoping to re-sell them for a while now but too date haven't been able to part with any. I will get there someday!

Tracy said...

The trouble is its such an easy trap to fall in!!!
Tracy x

Knot Garden said...

That kettle is just the kind of kitchen thing I like, and would look lovely in my kitchen which is green and blue.

Jo said...

I love the birdhouse, it's a lovely colour. I bought a teaset to sell on ebay but nobody bid - hurrah I get to keep it!

Sew Recycled! said...

Can I just say what a lovely blog! Ive just stumbled over to yours via samantha @ Plump Pudding. Your shop is gorgeous, just wish I could visit it in person. I would love to buy tea sets but I am trying to de clutter! Ahhhhh, why?

Twinkle Pink said...

I have to say that I NEED a kettle like that. I don't have the aga yet.... but I neeeeeeed that kettle.
Best wishes Ginny

Joanna said...

I love your kettle, I have been looking out for one. In the mean time I have been using a bright orange 1970's kettle. Thing is know I have become quite attached to it. Love the tea cup too.