Thursday, 22 February 2007

If you liked the kettle you will love the saucepan!!

It has been a busy few days, trying to sort new Spring stock, photograph it for the website , and i am also sewing like a mad woman for an opportunity not to be missed! (more of that another day.)

Thank you all for your kettle love - i am ashamed to say that it remains unwashed and unused, but it has been joined by a saucepan.
I know, i know yet more profit down the pan (!), but i did leave the pan at the shop after it lost out to the kettle in enney meeny miny mo!!!
But it was a grey day and i had worked really hard at my sewing machine........

Also new on the scene today is this wonderful book - i have been so inspired by other peoples ripple blankets that i thought i would give it a go x

And just for the sheer pleasure of it take a peek at this little sweetie xxxx
I have had her for many years and each time i look at her i cannot believe she is mine. I just wish i had taken more care of the details of the lady who made her.

Even though i am a crazy sewing lady at the mo i still have time to step outside the house, breath in the crisp air, admire the wonderful countryside around me and walk my Talulla and Bean.
Here is a picture of Talulla Whippet with her dear friend Ripley.
Cute together don't you think.
Tomorrow my family are coming to stay for the weekend so it will be a house full of laughter and love.......
I wonder if any of them can sew?


Nonnie said...

Gorgeous pan! Talulla's friend looks very sweet, as of course does Talulla. Hope you have a lovely, happy weekend.
I am wondering if your opportunity could be the same as one I have had this week too?

carolyn said...

Well I'm really rather pleased that the pan and the kettle didn't end up seperated, I mean who knows how long they have been friends. Goodluck with the sewing and have a wondeerful weekend.

nel said...

Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned. Love the photo of the dogs, so cute!

Daisy Cottage said...

Adorable photo of your doggies! So cute!


Jo said...

I think it might be the same 'plump' opportunity that came my way too?!

Clare said...

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!