Friday, 16 February 2007

Button Love xx

Well here it is - my confession.....

I am a button addict.......
There is no known cure, it has been a lifelong addiction, i am learning to live with it!!

My mum remembers me fiddling and twirling buttons on her clothes until they fell off when i was a toddler, and then collecting and hiding them away like a magpie.
They were my first treasures xx

I now realise that i MUST use some of my huge collection as i still buy buttons on a weekly basis (at least!)
So here is the finished cushion that i had started on a previous post

It has already found a nice new home with my friend Monica.
It was hard to part with i tell ya!!!

In order to feed my addiction further i have started making my own buttons - see, clearly there is NO HOPE for me.

Here is a sweet set of 3 hand embroidered delights xx

And a set of 4 lovely florals xx

I will have them for sale in my shop by the weekend - i hope....
It all depends on making more - if i do i will part with the above -
If i don't they ain't going any place soon!!!


On a lighter note take a peek at these gorgeous coasters that arrived happily at my shop this week xx
There are other equally as sweet designs that i will have over at the shop in the next few days.

The trouble is i keep going to the beach and getting nothing else done!!!

I am quite clearly an addict and a slacker!!

See you all soon
Tracy x


Nonnie said...

I am addicted to buttons too. Funnily I've written about my latest purchases too today and I've just read Lisa's post today and she has too! I've also been making my own buttons for years. It's really fun to do isn't it. Your's are really pretty. I particularly like the embroidered ones. I haven't tried anything like that before.

Manda said...

LOVE buttons!!!
And oh you! I received a wonderful surprise from you today!! I shall email you my proper thanks as soon as my monster is in bed. But in the meantime

Clare said...

Beautiful buttons! I love those floral ones! To think, there are some people in the world with a phobia of buttons!!! Clare x

Gigibird said...

I too love buttons; I used to play with my Grannys' button box and when she passed away I got them all - I can't use them, but I get them out and play with them from time to time. Like Fiona (Nonnie) I do buy from ebay and I use them.
When I was at the Stitches Show last week the button stand said that almost all the buttons now come from China.
I'm glad you have a bunny - he is one of many!

nel said...

Love the cusion you made and yes, I love buttons too! There is a shop nearby in Sydney that has the biggest glass jars full of buttons that you purchase by the scoopful. I just want to buy the whole jar! Lovely post..Nel

Joanna said...

What is about buttons, they are just so lovely and yours are too, I have drawers full. Beans PJs are wonderful, just made me think what captain rupert would look like in some, no he would chew them.

Gemma said...

Oh what divine prettiness! Those buttons you made are truly gorgeous.

I am in love with your heart cushion as well. Adore it!

Knot Garden said...

I'm another button addict. I love your covered buttons. I am currently working on some covered buttons myself, but mine aren't embroidered. That tiny house is amazing.

julie said...

I can't think of anything nicer than a button addiction. They are wonderful things and can be quite magical in calling up memories of particular people or places. I love looking through my grannies odd assortment and wondering what the older buttons were originally attached to and who wore them. Your handmade buttons are beautiful. Great previous post on what makes you happy - lovely pictures and a beautiful sentiment.