Monday, 22 January 2007

Tagged xx

Well i have officially been tagged...... the trouble is i have looked to see who i could pass the tag on to but everyone i visit has already been tagged!
We have all gone tagging crazy - the madness has to end - so i will of course respond to the kind ladies who thought of me when weird things were mentioned!!!!! - but i will not pass it on to anyone else. ( Go on call me a party pooper!)
So.... i have to reveal six weird things about myself - brace yourselves, here goes..

1. I have to kiss my animals 5 times, a single peck on top of the head is not enough, i feel if i do not peck a total of 5 times then bad things will happen!

2. I iron my knickers - i cannot bear to see them in the drawer in a heap - the rest of the clothing builds up in to a huge tower unironed but at least my knickers are neat.

3. I just cannot eat mushrooms - when cooked they remind me of slugs, the worst are the ones in a chinese takeaway - big round slimy slugs.

4. I hate the Summer - its o.k if its not too hot and there is a cool breeze, but if it goes above a certain temp i become miserable and grumpy (just ask Stephen!!)

5. I talk and sing to my animals - i know a lot of people do, but i still do it when we have company in the house!!!

6. I am addicted to reality tv programmes - i do not care which one - i will give them all a go!

There we have it - i just hope i am not weirder than anyone else!!!!
Sadly today i cannot find my lead for my camera. Its typical as i have actually sat and completed some sweet lavender hearts - hopefully i will show them tomorrow.
Instead i will have to leave you with a cute picture of Talulla looking slightly worried!!!!


Primrose Hill said...

Hi Tracey,
Thanks for letting me tag you, you're right, everyone has been tagged!
Your moving to the right place if you don't like hot summers! There's always a breeze up in Thurso!
L x

carolyn said...

Just came over from Primrose Hill. Have to agree with you about the summer, I hate it when it gets too hot.

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Tracy, the GLORIOUS ribbon arrived today and am thrilled with the packaging that included a HEARTTTTT!!! (could you hear that) - Love it!!

Thank you so much and will definately be back to your lovely website soon.

Best wishes Ginny

Tracy said...

So glad that you are pleased with the ribbon Ginny xx
I have not been able to use any yet - its too pretty to cut!
Tracy x

Deb said...

Talulla is adorable!! no wonder you have to kiss her 5 x.