Thursday, 25 January 2007

No Blog = New Stock Made!!

well what do you know - blogger was out of action yesterday evening and i now realise where all my time goes!!!!
Yep - you guessed it - on here chatting merrily away to you guys!!
After the initial shock of being locked out of blog land, i gathered myself together and sat and sewed......and sewed......and sewed......!!
First a batch of lavender hearts x

Then onto cushions galore xxxx

Boats are a huge love of mine even though i am scared of water and get really seasick (should of added that to my weird tag list!)
And here are more fronts waiting for there cushions.
Its funny, once i started creating after feeling really unsure of what to make for so long, i suddenly got right into it and now there is no stopping me!!!
I actually could not wait to get home and sew - and that is a truly wonderful feeling...

All this handmade goodness will be over at my shop shortly x


Deb said...

Beautiful creative work! I love the smell of lavender and we have it growing in our garden.

Nonnie said...

I think I could do with being locked out of typepad for a while! I love the cushions with the boats on. Funnily I had something rather similar in mind to make for our little boat. But in stronger colours as the seat pads are going to be covered in navy cotton. I'm hoping to be as productive as you this weekend making things for my little shop which I hope to have up and running in a temporary home in the next couplf of weeks.

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Tracey thank you for your lovely feedback on my blog. I am hoping it will be put into an exhibition -
Will keep you posted.

I love your heart and cushions - just up my street!

Best wishes Ginny

julie said...

Isn't it amazing how much time can be taken up with blogging - it's very addictive - I often start browsing and following links and realise a hour and a half has whizzed by! Love the little lavender hearts and the boats - beautiful.

Tracy said...

Thankyou for your lovely comments guys xx

Angel Jem said...

What have you called the car?????

Tracy said...

the car is STILL un-named!!!
i am so rubbish at making decisions on names - when we first had Talulla i made a list of all possible names - 52 of them!!!!
so the car has no hope of being named!