Friday, 19 January 2007

The Ford Anglia!

Quiet here today.....
Passed the time at the shop by knitting, chatting and photographing stock for the website.
I had a lovely time sorting through lots of Vintage bits and bobs that are currently filling all the cupboards in the shop!
There was so many things that i could not bear to part with this time round, so i popped them in a pile to one side.....
When it came to putting all the saved items back into the still overflowing cupboards i was amazed to see that almost all the saved items were GREEN!

I have always loved green, but had not realised how much!!!

But you only have to look at my car to see that green really is the colour for me x
This is my cute Ford Anglia. She was made in 1964 and i have only owned her for 8 months - most of which have been spent in a garage being welded (poor girl)
But she is all better now and raring to go!
I hope to have lots of fun trips out that i can share with you all x
P.s - she still has no name - any ideas???


Angel Jem said...

She is one cool car! I love the shape. i think she needs a really vintage name like cherise or vanetta. Or do you want to go down the utilitarian approach like vera or Doris? You call her a she... I only ever have boy cars. I like the relationship better. My first car was a she... a Veronica and she was a cow. Since then I've had Arthur (a chevette), Bob the Astra, Goofy the escort, a brief interlude with Fiona the fiesta and then Rocky, 6 1/2 years and still going strong. I'm hoping to hold onto him til I'm at work and get a *new* VW beetle with flowers on the side. (But don't tell the DH!)

Primrose Hill said...

I love the car, you should call her Bertha!

I've tagged you, have a look at my blog for instructions.

L x

Anonymous said...

What about Belle?

Clare said...

Lovley car - how about Annie?

julie said...

What a great car and it is a beautiful colour. Definitely a she, I'm thinking Mabel.

Jane said...

It is interesting how she is a girl- our van is a boy - and called Graham (Greene A drunken "Our man in H-van-a" joke)
I immediately thought Doris so I'm with Angelgem on that one.

Nonnie said...

I'm not very good at naming cars I'm afraid. Keep trying to think of one for my car which is an oldish BRG mazda MX5 and is my second love after George! Your car is extremely cute. I just love the colour. My favourite colour of green.