Tuesday, 16 February 2010

waiting for the snow....

yet more snow was forecast to arrive with us today but it is now 6pm and nothing... so fingers crossed it has passed us by - we could see it drifting out over the sea..
despite the lack of snow it has been so cold and windy which has put a stop to my plan to empty the veggie garden of all the raised beds - this breaks my heart a little but work is about to start on the driveway and other lovely things that i will show as they develop which means that the veggie garden has to be relocated...
it will all turn out good in the end!

due to the weather i have avoided being outside as much as possible and have instead completed a few orders and worked on new Easter designs..

whilst walking past my dresser and smiling at the sight of my sweet card received from this lovely friend...
another lucky person who is owned and ruled by a beautiful whippet - pop over and say hello and admire Ede whippet for she is such a pretty fawn girl x

and my two thrifted pots... sadly one in cracked so is destined to hold yet more Spring bulbs..

also making me smile from ear to ear today is bella boo enjoying her crochet blanket....

made extra special this morning with a touch of cat nip added as a way to brighten any kitties cold grey day!

t x


Lyn said...

Lucky Bella Boo, Lucy likes the cat nip too-we have to ration her though!

Tabiboo said...

My fingers are crossed for you too.

It's been bitterly cold on the South coast too today.

take care,

Nina x

lindsey said...

Golly, those pots take me back to the 70's! Amazing to think that they are still around. One will look lovely with bulbs.

periwinkle said...

I can't get your link to work - it might just be me though?

lynnie said...

don't cats always find the best beds?everything still sounds wonderful even with a snow storm looming..hugs lynnie