Wednesday, 3 February 2010


mabel and badger on their 2nd birthday.....

we love you so much little whippies

this evening we will all enjoy a slice of peanut butter and oat cake whilst cuddling

** perfect **

t x


heidi said...

Happy birthday little whippies!!
I hope you have both had a lovely day filled with fun,like your new toys!!
Enjoy your birthday cuddles & peanut butter oat cake. xx

Lyn said...

Happy Birthday Mabel and Badger, so cute!

Lavender hearts said...

you have the most adorable dogs. I love whippets and greyhounds, and only wish more people understood what wonderful dogs they are!

Katie twinkles said...

Usually when you are about two you go to see your aunty on the train to tunbridge wells x

Alexandra Mason said...

Happy Birthdays beautiful whippets! xx

Alexandra Mason said...

Hi Tracy, thanks lots for your comment about 'felt fee' i haven't done one yet but i could definately make either a light or dark grey one xx

Pipany said...

Happy birthday doggies x

mollycupcakes said...

Happy birthday little babies.
Big kisses from Molly and Daisy for your noses.
I'm sure mummy will do the honors x x

Enjoy your yummy cake.

Hi Tracy, I've been twitting for a little while and wondered if you'd got any of my tweets? it's all so new and not sure if I'm doing it right lol
Hope your well and warm.
With love,
Catherine x

Kitty said...

Happy Birthday to Mabel and Badger. They are both so beautiful, and so are their gifts. x

The Fairy Glade said...

Beautiful, enough said! Dev x

Fiona said...

They are both so beautiful. I am in love. You take wonderful photos.

Kristina said...

They are so cute!

Happy Birthday and some kisses xxx