Wednesday, 10 February 2010

lamb # two

here he is!!!!

it has been one hell of a rocky road for this little chap but we are thinking that he is back on track
whoop whoop :)

he is finally back with his family after spending nearly two weeks away from them..

today he even jumped inside the hay feeder - good sign that his appetite has returned :)

we are of course over the moon with the little guys recovery but the guilt we feel about not helping the other chap will never go away... he was one of a pair that were instantly rejected by their mama when born... it was pure luck that another ewe who had a still born lamb took both the babes on...

this is the surrogate mama with her one remaining lamb...

we are on the cusp of putting dear boris in with the ladies for this years lambs... he is raring to go but has to wait until a new area has been fenced off this weekend - all very exciting but i am not looking forward to separating last years lambs from their mama's :(
they will be in an adjoining field so i am hoping that it will not be too traumatic for anyone - it makes it very clear in my mind that i could never send any of our livestock to market or slaughter....
with tupping next week we will be on track for lambing on my birthday - what a treat!

t x


Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

So glad lamb #2 is fine and dandy. More lambs in the offing. Just as well you weren't thinking of hitting the bright lights on your birthday - you'll be too busy!!!


mollycupcakes said...

What a fabulous presnt for your birthday lovely lady, lambing in full swing.
Don't feel bad about the other lamb, you did everything for him. Sometimes it's just not ment to be.
So pleased number 2 is well again and bouncing in to food things lol
Have a lovely evening.
Catherine x

Julie Rutter said...

Great news about lamb no. 2.

From my experience, with the sheep we had when I was little, separating them will be very noisy for a day or two - although ours were separated earlier on so it may be easier for your guys. Fingers crossed!

Katy Noelle said...


I've just been having a super time reading and reading and reading your blog. You do have a wonderful way with words!

We live in Vermont (USA - does anyone know where VT is?) and my husband, who grew up here, spent summers on the family farm (i.e. the King gave them the land). He's been so happy since we moved up on the hill to a house that has two barns, a shop, storage sheds and don't forget the milkhouse that is going to be turned into a greenhouse for me. He dreams of having sheep to go along with our chickens.

i've just started to blog and was worried that I had too much happiness. Doesn't seem real, does it? Thanks for sharing your ups and downs and I'm going to pray for lamb #2.

Sorry for the super long comment and, I don't do this at every site I visit, but, would you have a look at my blog occasionally? Perhaps I'll just let you know when we find our sheep.

refreshing and beautiful pictures too ... I think I'll go and sign up to follow along. Looking forward to getting to know you!