Sunday, 31 January 2010

action shot

still snowing...

tomorrow i will post recipe for vegan chocolate cake..

if i remember..

do shout if it does not appear

t x

t x


mollycupcakes said...

Yummy looking for to making that. Will go nice with a coffee and sit down.
Young Cricket has so much bounce lol
The snows not stopping him, how are the rest of you?
Sending you lots of hugs,
Catherine, Ben and the cupcakes x

Andrea said...

Ha Ha!! Fab Shot, look forward to the cake recipe!!! Andrea x

periwinkle said...

awesome pic Tracy -- the snow has nearly gone here now, just a load of ice. Nice to see you are here for another month :-)

Alexandra Mason said...

What a beautiful photo, i love it. Fee met 2 whippets today on her walk...she fell in love with them but they weren't impressed with her xxx

Ken said...

It's snowing again in Calgary and colder at -10c but the whippets got out for a good romp.

Thanks for dropping by to Whippet Tales, I love your blog. The choco cake looks delish!

Ken & The Gang

julie said...

looking forward to the recipe, could do with some cheering up its cold here and the woodburner is misbehaving.

Foxtail Lilly said...

Lovin the pics- i realy dont mind if you run out of words but please always posts whippie pics ... They are addictive!!

*emilie* said...

hoo fun in the.. snow. at least it gives the doggies a good workout doesn't it ??