Friday, 21 August 2009

what to wear when visiting ducks?

...a tricky question indeed......

in a few short minutes i will be leaving to visit a collection of ducks living happily next to a nearby harbour.....
i have to choose just six from a brood of at least thirteen.....
what are the chances of me just choosing six?

i will take along my camera and take mug shots as the wee tiddlers will not be coming home with me today.....
first we have to finish building the duck empire making sure that it is totally dog proof......

away i must go to squeal at the sight of so many Runners

eeekk :)

now must start practicing counting to six and stopping......

t x


Jane and Chris said...

Yeh, right!
I said that (stop counting at six) when I only had 6 cats....she says grinning sheepishly at the 12 pairs of eyes watching her!!
Good luck!

orangefishy said...

i'm sooo jealous!! i really adore ducks, goodluck picking your six!

heidi said...

what fun!! cant wait to see the pics & how many you adopted,6,7,8 or more?!

Lyn said...

oooh ducks! can't wait to see the pictures, I'd love to have ducks and chickens but we have a resident fox who I think may like the ducks and chickens more than we do!

julie said...

Hi hun we have a pair and of ducks very entertaining, make sure you only get ONE MALE or your females will be in big trouble
love jules x

Minnie said...

Yes. In a former life....when I had a little cottage...I thought I would get some ducks.

Off we went to pick the duckies. I came home with 6. I kept them inside the cottage that I was 'doing up' at the time. Ah yes, plonker!!

Each morning I would run them a bath and watch as they frolicked and 'weeeed' around my new bathroom suite.

Each evening, when I returned from work, would be the same. Ducklings whooshing around my bathroom.

They 'slept' in the little bedrrom at nigh time.

They were majorly cute. Have to say.

Anyway, turns out I had 5 males and 1 female!! My Dad identified their sex. Something to do with their tails feathers.

A couple of months later, after the 'thinning out', Hannibal and Esmerelda were settled.. along with Napoleon, the Swiss Cheese plant, who resided in the lounge. The ducks had chosen the greenhouse extension as their perfect home. Who was I to disagree? A few weeks later, they escaped. They decided that their babies were going to be hatched in the open. We knew that nasty Mr Fox was about so moved them back to a safe place. Bad move.

No more sitting on eggs. I pissed them off. A few weeks later H & E mysteriously disappeared...I have been told that they .probably ended up at the local takeaway!!

I have never eaten duck since.

mollycupcakes said...

Oh Tracy have a lovely time.
Can't wait to see some photo's of them. I just love runners and think I'd have a hard time just picking 6 lol
Lots of love,
Catherine x

Cathy said...

Cannot wait to see the photos. Wow, Cricket has really grown to be so handsome.

Katie twinkles said...

so, what did you wear???

(ps did you get my email?)