Saturday, 23 May 2009

a short break....

i may not be around for a short while as we have a lovely friend coming to stay....
as i type she will be winging her way from the South up to us in the North....

am i excited.... yes
are we going to visit lots of lovely places...... yes
will she be frisked before she leaves in case she is hiding cricket...... yes!!

although he is getting a little too large to shove up a jumper :)

a whole six days of good company to look forward too x

i shall return towards the end of the week with a massive cricket festival as he reaches eight weeks of age (where did that time go?)
news of lovely new stock....
and of course tales of our adventures

toodle pip for now

t x


Tabiboo said...

Have a lovely time and a lovely, lovely week!

take care,

Nina x

mollycupcakes said...

Have a wonderful time with your friend.
And return with loads of photos, stories and news for us all to enjoy honey.
Missing you already.
Catherine x

Ps. wow Cricket has lots of toys lol sorry the cupcakes added another to the pile in your parcel. But we couldn't resist it's wooliness Baaaa! hehe!

lynnie said...

have a wonderful time and see u in a week love lynnie

jules said...

have a lovely time, look forard to all your news at the end of the week
jules xx

Nin said...

have a lovely time!

Fabric Nation said...

Have fun - Cricket looks like he is already!

Rubyred said...

Oh my, can't believe how much Cricket has grown! Have a wonderful time with your friend.
Rachel x

tracysmum said...

I am soooo green with envy,especially those loverly trips out, whoever it is, they are in special company. Have a loverly break my darling.
Love to you all.

Fran├žoise said...

Goodness, I go away for 2 months and you have a new baby!!
Quite possibly the cutest yet, though I still have a softsoftsoft spot for Ghillie.

And your new house looks so inviting. This is going to be a lovely summer for you, and you have earned it.

Katie twinkles said...

I have not got Cricket :-((

Tallulah would not let me x