Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sunday Portrait # Four



Alex Mason said...

Hi hope you have had a lovely weekend xx

Katie twinkles said...

That's lovely. She looks like a proper proud Mama x

mollycupcakes said...

Your mum is just beautiful Tracy,
Hope you've had a lovely weekend, I spent it with Ben's Mum and family and we went off on Mothers to the Cotswolds rare breeds farm. Had the best day, held a baby chick justa few days old Awwww, wanted to pop her in my warm bag and bring her home lol but i think they would of noticed me lol they also had Scot dumpy's. Ben's going to email you and Stephen with all the details.
I'm sooo pleased you love the little packet of treats and will email you very soon for a proper chat.
Lots of love my dear sweet friend.
Catherine x

Jane said...

J x

tracysmum said...

Tankyou my Darling girl.xxxxxxx

tracysmum said...

Sorry spelt thankyou wrong, i blame the tears in my eyes.xxxxxxxxx Mummy

tracysmum said...

oh and you were soooo beautiful,and you are still,.
miss you .Mummy.xxxxxxx